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  1. Hiya A few things I gotta say here, the main one being....Don't use Registry Cleaners!! Unless you know what the purpose of each hive is and what the relation of these to the keys are, and unless you know "exactly" what everything in the registry means......don't use them. There isn't a single one of those useless programs that don't put up "False Positives" and until they're 100% accurate, needed keys are going to be tagged for cleaning. I have seen more systems hosed by these "cleaners" than by almost anything else, besides of course Virus and Malware. Most folks who use these programs have no business mucking around in the registry! I would venture a guess that probably 75% of those who use these, don't even know how to properly edit things in there so they sure shouldn't be deleting things from it. And besides that, all this stuff about things in the registry slowing down your machine is bull! Orphaned keys are not accessed by anything, so they're ignored...all they take up is about 42 bytes of disk space...that's it. Your machine does not read everything in your registry everytime you boot up, or any other time for that matter, so any orphaned keys left behind by poorly written uninstallers are simply ignored and only use up a few Kb's of disk space. Not worth hosing your OS for a few KB's is it... Running processes...hmmm...I know systems engineers that don't know what every process does, so you're telling regular users to go in there and trim them down by 33%??? While I agree that some of these processes are not needed and more knowledgable users can usually recognize which ones these FEW may be, I would think long & hard before I ever recommended to a normal user to go into the Services/Processes and start stopping or disabling any. They will need a comprehensive list explaining exactly what process/service does what, and what could safely be disabled if they aren't using a certain configuration/program/device. I've been doing this for many years and am quite knowledgable, and I stop 7 to 9 services in Vista and even less in XP. Again, I've seen more systems hosed by folks stumbling thru these and disabling things without knowing "Exactly" what the consequences could be...probably equals the # hosed by those useless Reg Cleaners... There are tons of sites that try to explain what these services/processes do and just which ones you may be able to stop, but there are more experts out there that say you're just insane to be doing this. Many tests have shown that the resources you save are almost negligable but the risks you are taking are astronomical. Probably the best advice I could give is this...UNDERSTAND EXACTLY what it is you're doing and what the consequences are going to be, before doing anything when it comes to making system changes like these. Dave
  2. Hi tolrodco Not to put down your post at all, but this part needs some clarification. The 1.8 clock processor in the Dell is also "Core 2", which means you have 2 seperate 1.8G processors that can each handle seperate threads, and has a UNIFIED L2 cache, so each core can access anything in the cache without having to go thru the FSB to get it anymore....much faster. So the "virtual" (and also "actual) clock speed on the Dell is 3.6G's of processor clock....I think you need to do a re-comparison there because it does not compute properly anymore. Also for the "Virus & Spyware" arguments...I've worked closely in the PC Security field for over 7 years and have testing new variants for some of the best known anti-malware apps around. I've worked closely with the developers and am active in the AV community. There is one very specific reason Macs don't see the amount of virus and nasties as PC's and that's strictly the NUMBERS game. No other reason. Bad guys want to Control your machine so they can use it in a unified attack with hundreds or thousands of other zombie machines. To find 1000 unprotected PC's in the 80 million out there, is rather simple....due unfortunately to the many PC users who simply "Plug in" and go whipping around opening every stupid thing they find...sorry, getting carried away here. For a virus writer to find 1000 Macs (period) is difficult enough, since they'd have to scan at least 4,000,000 IP blocks to find 4 or 5 Macs in total. So it's simply not efficient for these writers to do any work on cracking the Mac. It takes allot of work to find new exploits and then code something stable enough to use that exploit while staying hidden is quite a task, so why waste time on a Mac. Plus finding them in the numbers you need to launch an effective attack is almost impossible, so why bother. But with Mac popularity growing, it's not going to stay like that so Mac users had better start thinking about Security very soon, or become a Victim of the hype. Most PC virus are simply rehashes of other exploits, downloaded and spread by script kiddies who want a thrill but aren't smart enough to do it on their own. This is why there are so darn many of them out there...these kids want to make a name for themselvs within their little clique, so they d'load some exploit code, make a tiny adjustment to some part of it, and release it as a new variant on the world. It's so easy to do and the exploits are easily found on the Hacker sites, this is why so many PC exploits abound. When Mac's get popular enough to spawn this offshoot hacker community...watch out, because they'll come after you now and it'll take quite awhile for the Mac community to develop tools to stop it. Pc users are light years ahead in this regard. There have been many "Proof of Concept" virus written for Mac's. There are easily as many holes in a Mac as there are in PC's, but because of the simple fact that it's a waste of time to write a Mac exploit, there are very few "In the Wild" Mac exploits. The comments by one Mac user that "He can BE lazy and careless..it doesn't matter with a Mac", is simply a stupid way to be on ANY Platform! As Macs get more popular, more exploits will be released and all these Lazy, careless Mac users are going to be hit like Wildfire as this exploit speeds thru all those unprotected Mac's...that will be ugly for those folks. Good PC users know how to secure their machines so when new variants come out, they're pretty much buttoned up still, but Mac users are sooooo far behind in how to stay secure that they'll be vulnerable for many years after the bad guys start hitting Mac code as hard as they hit PC's now, until they learn the hard lessons us PC users have had to learn. Dave
  3. Hey Everyone I am in the process right now, of going thru the absolute WORST customer support experience I've ever had....and it's HP Email support staff that have me tearing my hair out!!! I'm an advanced user and usually build my own machines but due to time and money constraints at the moment, I purchased an HP Media Center TV m7760n from Best Buy. I've had 2 minor issues that I contacted HP email support about but in the end, I fixed myself. My biggest issue has been 569 Warning messages that my Graphics were being overutilized (Intel 945 integrated, with 256 shared memory) with only Media Center and my email client running....uhhh...yah, not much I know, that's why I'm contacting HP about it. To shorten a long story so far, I don't think these people actually READ my emails, they keep asking me to do the same things I said I've already done in previous emails, ignore my requests fo a supervisor, and generally...they just don't LISTEN TO ME!!!! I have 15 replies from HP showing that none of my emails have been read or understood because they keep going over things I've said many times before, had been tried or eliminated. In one I told them I had a total of 810G's HDD space, with about 700G's free...so what did the next email tell me to do??? It went into how I can try to uninstall unused programs to regain some HDD space because low HDdisk space could be my problem...uhh...HELLO..is anybody there... This has been a continuing problem and I've even contacted the CEO of HP, Mr. Mark Hurd, which of course got forwarded to the CEO of Customer Relations, but I'm trying to proove to them that the integrated graphics solution is not capable enough for this model's intended useage, as can be seen by the almost 600 warnings in 3 months. No background startups other than AV & Firewall clients and my wireless KB & Mouse drivers, and usually only running Media Center, my email, and a browser with 2 or so open pages, so it;s not like I'm overloading the graphics is it. Man...what a freakin headache this has been I tell yah, never again will I buy an OEM.
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    Hi beaulanger This can still be done in Vista, it's just a bit different. First open Control Panel, then Ease of Access applet, then click the "Make the Keyboard Easier to Use" item. This takes you to the first part of this tweak, where you put a check in the "Turn On Toggle Keys" option. Now alt+left arrow back to the first page of that applet and now select the "Use Text or Visual Alternatives for Sounds" item. Put a check in the "Turn on Visual Notifications for Sounds" option. You have a couple of options that you can change in there for how to be Visually Notified. "None", which will not flash anything but you still get the beep. OK if you're not listening to music while typing, but not really effective. Next is "Flash Active Caption Bar"..not a bad choice really but with my color theme I hardly notice it, you may like this better tho. "Flash Active Window", really gets your attention but if you select this your Active Window will flash for just about everything you do for anything, anywhere. Could get annoying... Last is "Flash Desktop"...well this is basically identical to "Flash Active Window" AFAICT (As Far As I Can Tell), so play around with them to see what's better for you. You're done! Dave (Avatar & Sig Images Coming Soon...no time right now) EDIT - Sorry, didn't see this was answered already. I used the PC PitStop web page to access into this post and only saw the first page, sorry for the DBL on your post Cliff46..;-)
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