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  1. Well, heres whats up with the problem concerning the Optimize program....... I had another drive in the closet..a new one...so I installed it in my computer and loaded Windows XP on it. I loaded Optimize on it too. When I ran the tests, a security window popped up and asked me if I wanted to block,unblock or skip access to the internet with this program. I clicked on the UNBLOCK access to the internet button and the program seems to be working fine. I never got that security window popping up on my other drive, so there must have been a glitch in Windows Xp that kept the program from working.
  2. Well I do have a spare drive that I was going to use if the current one ever died. I might just load Windows XP and some other things on it and see if I can connect with no problems. I will kepp you informed.
  3. No I dont think I can restore the system that far back. I like the Optimize program and want to keep using it, but loading and unloading it is a pain. Sure wish I knew what changed to keep it from working. You think a setting with Comcast might be affecting it?
  4. Hi, Jim here again, I posted a link under TechExpress for the last test I ran on my computer. The only security I have running on my computer is Adaware, Search & destroy, and Spyblaster. I have uninstalled all of them and ran the Optimize program and get the same results. I can only run it one time and then have to uninstall the program and reinstall it to get the Download speed test and the Ping test to work. My Windows XP firewall is on. I even turned it off and get the same results. Under Exceptions, I deleted Optimize and checked the box to have the firewall ask me to
  5. Hi, I purchased Optimize and it was running fine until about a week or two ago. Now when I run it, I get an error message on the download speed test and the ping test. If I uninstall the program and then reinstall it, it works fine ONE TIME ONLY...no errors on the download speed test or the ping test. I have to keep uninstalling the program and then reinstalling it to use it one time. I have checked everything out with the firewall and the settings and all the settings are correct. My ISP is Comcast. Could a setting be wrong with Comcast? I even tried the "ping pcpitstop.com"
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