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    p4HT 3Ghz 2.25gb ram, 750gb Geforce6600GT Asusm motherboard
  1. thanks I have seen it and tried it, mine is not crashing it just 'finishes the job in no time, but the actual job is not completed, Ithink it could be a video card, it maybe too weak to handle the job, ? 7 out of 10 times it fails to do the job... many thanks
  2. hi I'm having problems with my PD8, when I tried to creat/save dvd file on my pc the PD renders and finishes it in no time. whjen I look in to that folder I can see only one video file, no audio folder etc... basicly nothing, I 'm editing hd video files. my system is : Processor Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT Gaming graphics 1855 MB Total available graphics memory Primary hard disk 39GB Free (90GB Total) Windows 7 Ultimate System ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. connetcted to external monitor and it work fine, so is only just tha inverter or the whole lcd?
  4. can some one tell me what is wrong with laptop, the screen is very dark, I can berely see post and win loading, I hear the sounds etc, tried to increase brightness but nothig changes, is it the backlight gone bad?
  5. it can be encloser only, I will get hdd separetly, what about: D-Link DNS 313 or NETGEAR SC101
  6. thanks, but it looks like it is media player I would like NAS, and if it does has a function as media player it is great but if not , that is ok as well
  7. tried, version 150 as advised from IBM, I tried,, at first it was booting the HDD, only when I have removed it it was accessing the floppy disk, and the disk was constantly accessed, with one long beep at some stage, after it rebooted the result was the same, I was able to see that the bios version was 150, also I'm not sure did I have to input something with keyboard , as the screen was black I could not see anything during that update If there is anything else that could be done? many thanks
  8. yes i have done what you said, also followed the IBM's online instructions see here and yes firstly I updated my bios perhaps to 8AKT160, with a flash program, but the I had : these problems and I followed their advise to update to 8AKT120r using other method: floppy disk and now I can only get and then it goes black...............
  9. it post for a milisecond, andf then screen goes black, I tried to remove cmos battery just to reset bios settings nothing changed... perhaps I'm ablet to get to bios, but I can not change the settings to boot from floppy drive as I can not see what I'm doing-screen is black
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