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  1. Viking, Time to apply for a Green card to US!
  2. sudo

    Getting GOOGLY ?

    It's so happens that you want to Google (googling) for something, when you type the address of google the web page [/b]automatically changes the page to it's local region for example http://www.google.com.fr/ (for France) or http://www.google.com.it/ (for Italian) etc...to enhance in local language queries as well. But if you prefer the page to display in ENGLISH only every time you open Google, clear the cache first and type the address http://www.google.com/webhp and bookmark this page. Next time you click on the bookmark page you will be presented the site in English only.
  3. Gone are the days where we used to type the full address of website starting from http://www.*****.com (org. or Net) Here is an easy way... Just type the name of the site in the address bar and press Ctrl+ Enter for addresses ending with .com Ctr+Shift+Enter for addresses ending with .org Alt+Shift+Enter for addresses ending with .net Example. If you want to visit CNN site, in the browser (Firefox or IE) address bar just type only cnn and press the key combination Ctrl+Enter which will subsequently fill the rest of the address
  4. sudo

    Registry Tip

    Those who are making tweaks in the system registry often need to click on the plus sign every time they want to see it's sub entries, and it's quiet time consuming. Here is a trick. Click once on the main hive you want (eg: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) to explore having a +sign on the left then press * in the keyboard all it's sub values will automatically be displayed in a tree view, so that navigation becomes very easy. once you finished click once again on the main hive and press - (minus sign) it will be restored back to normal.
  5. May be it's a wise option to switch back to XP which is less system resource hungry
  6. Thanks for the Sharing....will check it out!
  7. This was quite nice Thanks Bicycle bill http://ecard.veepers.com/service/veeper_gallery Thanks Chas47448 for Rocket Dock link
  8. Isn't it weird? I think he should consider playing on both XBox and PS so that he can judge for good which is suitable for him.
  9. Appreciate your efforts Bruce, that site was really nice. keep sharing
  10. If you are still in doubt that way, instead of adding 2 extension you can directly change the file extension .exe to .jpg or .tif something similar and inform the recipient to change it back to .exe
  11. Thanks Jacee for the introduction of this site, http://www.ghostforest.com I introduced it to my kid. and he likes it a lot. also thanks to bicycle bill for the online Free file converter website. Here is another free and very good site that offers a real time tool bar which helps inform/warn you about Phishing attempts. http://toolbar.netcraft.com/
  12. I think it's a better idea for us to share some of those outstanding and informative sites with our regular PCPITSTOPPERs unless the site Administrator feels other way. So all we need to do is to give a specific but short info about the site and a link to it, so that those who have not yet come across the same will benefit from this, and of course, a word of thanks will never hurt if found interesting enough. Please make sure the site or service you are referring is not related to Shareware products. Let me share my contribution An interesting site describes a vast amount of info on
  13. It's a free Widget sits quietly on the Desktop and shows the info you need. Try here... http://www.softpedia.com/get/Windows-Widgets/System-Utilities/System-Temp-Monitor.shtml
  14. Want a peace of mind and ease of configuration troubles? Use Sygate Personal Firewall which is industry proven, hence currently undertaken by none but Symantec. You may find it here.. http://www.simtel.net/product.download.mirrors.php?id=53687
  15. It's very often we come to face that while attaching an executable file send through Outlook or Gmail etc..we get a message that exe files can be contained viruses and this attachment may not be able to receive by the recipient. Here is a way to avoid such thing. Just add .jpg at the existing extension of the exe file (eg: setup.exe.jpg), and add a note to the recipient to remove the extension .jpg once they downloaded it. no more frustrating messages while sending exe files. Hope it's helpful
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