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  1. Great tip, but how do you remove destinations off the send to menu?
  2. Yup, your spot on Mouse....I hadn't swopped the jumpers over and both drives were 'master' However, I have another problem now; When I try to copy/paste a document onto a dvd.......insert a blank dvd and windows labels the dvd drive as another cd drive, hence when I go to paste the document into the blank explorer window, i get the message to insert a blank disc Still, at least the dvd drive works as I backed up ipod library on it
  3. I have just installed a sony dvd rewriter, AWG170A10, upon restart the pc has not recognised it. Do I need specific drivers for it? (currently running winXP sp2) Also Can you write to the dvd's using copy/paste techniques or is it through software only? Thanks in advance
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