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  1. It shows that you have 2cpu's. IS that true or just one?
  2. I have recently formatted, but im also behind a router. SO I have 7 blocked intrusions, and 0 high rated in about 1 week.
  3. and I have a t-bird 1.33 Set it to 133 for 266FSB.
  4. Uh oh...looks like another victum of the AMD score bug. That score blows
  5. For his clock frequency, considering its an Athlon he should have a 266FSB and NOT 200.
  6. Taz

    64 Bit Prccesor?

    Thats incorrect, due to the 32bit emulation of the athlon 64 its basicly a 3200+ with a huge cache and a kickass bus! Therefore, even on 32bit its one hell of a processor!
  7. Taz

    64 Bit Prccesor?

    You mean the Itanic? Like, Titanic cause there so good at crashing?
  8. Taz

    64 Bit Prccesor?

    Yay for 64bit windows! Windows XP 64bit edition
  9. No, my athlon t-bird was 266fsb! As far as I knew all the athlons were 266fsb, and not 200 like the durons.
  10. Hey, your machine should be doing alot more than what it is, considering its an athlon and your running it at 200FSB? It should be 266. You might want to change that in your bios, so your computers running how its designed to be.
  11. I work for Orbitel Communications in arizona. I found that after a long investigation that if somone on the ISP within your node has the same IP you do (which is caused by someone setting their router/computer to static instead of dhcp) then you will have a connection for a few minutes. Boy this was an awful problem that we had, until I finally figured it out. Donald
  12. I have gotten a 1103 on my machine. Specs below.
  13. Take a loot at your cpu v.s. mine. I just have a 1.33 athlon.
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