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  1. Well, it didn't have an animation option nor did I like the fact that the program automatically converted all of my images over to Paint Shop Pro specific images, which I couldn't view with any other program nor with Windows image viewer. After reviewing/testing all of the program's features, I deleted it; however, I did like the program's photo aging feature...that was pretty slick.
  2. I'll most certainly give this a try...thanks once again.
  3. Thanks for the list...I've been wanting that for quite sometime now.
  4. Thanks for the great tip. It worked for me and was a simple and painless process; however, I found that 50x50 worked better for me, as the image I used kept degrading at the 32x32 pixel size. Now, how can I create an animated icon, animated avatar, and/or an animated image without having to 'spring' for a $700 utilities program...thanks again for your help.
  5. Mr.DJ


    Thanks for the tip. My left little finger is well known for inadvertently wandering over to the 'Caps Lock' key on many occasions, and maybe now I'll be forewarned before completing lines of text...thanks. BTW, the beep now works and the active screen now flashes.
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