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    amd athlon xp 2700+ 2.17 ghz.; 1.00 gb of ram drives: a drive c drive: capacity-76.3 gb; 49.4 gb free d drive: capacity-19.1 gb; 6.10 gb free e drive f drive: dvd drive g drive: maxdrive-capacity-15.5 mb; 15.5 mb free
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  1. sorry, i did the url to the scan wrong. it should be: http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/7803/optimizecdco1.th.jpg i see some letters/numbers on the back of the case that read: opt2007d01 might this be the license key? sorry i didn't edit my message(s) but it takes time before they appear. i can't edit them right away. some things i thought to ask: is the latest version of optimize? what should i choose for maximum rated download speed? (currently set to 1mbit-3bit; i have dsl-connection speed is 100 mbps.) what should i choose for connection type? lan, cable, dsl, satelli
  2. i have an invoice, or whatever it is, that was in the box. on it is an order number that reads p848328700022. only thing i've seen anywhere, so far, that starts with a p. i'll keep looking.
  3. thanks. i was going to do a scan but wasn't sure whether, or not, a scan would ruin the cd. where do i get a license key? do i just download it and then use it instead of the cd? i tried getting the cd out but i can't. my version is 1.5, btw.
  4. i bought pc pitstop optimize through tigerdirect. i just received it a few minutes ago but can't get the cd out of the case. i don't want to break the cd. in the middle of the cd is a black "thing" (for lack of a better term) that is, more, or less, square-shaped, with a number 3 on it. i was going to scan it so people know what i mean. should i do that?
  5. ok, i have a question. i found regcure and pc pitstop optimize at tigerdirect.com. a guy said if i buy optimize i don't need regcure as optimize would do, prett much, the same thing as regcure, and more, i think. is this true? i won't buy regcure, too, if optimize will do, pretty much, the same things.
  6. ok, i posted it. can you check the user to user forum for my post? i want to know if i should add anything. thanks. hi. i just had questions about optimize. i purchased it, along with regcure, from tigerdirect.com. aside from the price i paid are there any other fees? (i.e.; year updates/subscriptions, etc.) also, are there any fees for upgrades? i'm getting version 1.5. what is the current version?
  7. thanks. did i get the url right? i'll do it soon.
  8. not sure if i had another name. i'm thinking i may have registered before. not 100% sure. anyway, here's what i usually run: disk cleanup, spyware doctor, diskeeper, registry mechanic. things like that. i do chkdsk once in a while. i'm thinking of buying regcure and optimize. which should i run 1st or doesn't it matter? i'm not computer savvy and the problems i encounter is a bit much for me sometimes. btw, is this my techexpress link? http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=3KV0FWDERLJSNQ7W which forum do i put it in? also, do i just enter the link and my problems?
  9. thanks. i wanted to edit my post but couldn't find it in the forum i posted it in. no idea why. i wanted to ask if there's a way to find out if i registered in the past with another name. i'd like to know for sure. anyway, here's the problems i have: programs/web pages slow to open. computer startup/shutdown takes a few minutes (8, or 9, on average.) sometimes i can't double-click anything on my desktop. it's as though my screen is "frozen" although my mouse arrow moves. not responding "errors". like if a program takes too long to open up and i close it i get a 'program not responding' "e
  10. hi. are pc pitstop optimize and regcure similar in any way? i ask because i want to purchase 1, or the other, if they are more, or less, similar in what they do. or do i need to purchase both? any advice would be greatly appreciated. actually, i can only afford one. which is the better way to go? thanks.
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