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  1. Heres an answer.. download GOOGLE CHROME Import all your FF bookmarks and get rid of FireFox until they get their act together! Every where I go Im finding more and more people with the same problem and FF doesnt seem to have a true answer to actually fix this issue, patch, change, twist, delete, tons of excuses, but no solutions. I downloaded google chrome and its just as pristine as safari with a much more powerful search.
  2. Make sure that you follow Marks directions of uninstalling or you will accomplish nothing. Heres the link he gave above again: CLEAN REMOVAL FF There like Id said many out there that are having issues with the newest FF, 3.0. And I see quite a few complaints of constant crashes, so your not alone. I was a huge fan of firefox, and now find myself using safari more often. I have different browsers to I can view the different websites I build as they are sometimes different on each browser, so far by using all I find that safari is the truest. The best feature for me is the tabbing, a
  3. Thanks for all you help Mark. I really appreciate it. even tho it may not seem it, due to all my ignorant questions, I am not a pro by any means, and just want to learn. I have completed a full house cleaning, did a full system defrag, and this morning when I got up it booted up faster than it every has! I rechecked the event viewer and Im still getting errors but they are security. I believe that is due to my own intentional set up. for instance I am asked to set a password so nobody can access my computer and I don't care who gets on here as I have no threats now after my sons have gr
  4. oh boy I dont want to hear that! From what I am understanding and I may not get it right, is that there is yet more software issues with 64? as I still have THAT issue too with all my old xp software that I try to use with vista. I now have it so that I can work, with minimal crashes, I save A LOT! for the possible crash with psp photox2. When I run the PCPit test I keep getting this upgrade thing that Ive already done, there just isnt any more for me to do. but use it, save a lot and hope for the best. One software I used to use I now rarely use, as the company is refusing to vista~tize it.
  5. The link you had given me earlier was from the vista forum. There I was told that things would be smoother and faster if I upgraded from the 32bit to the 64bit. all it would cost is 10$. Is that a good idea? Im not even sure of what it means. it seems to be about the dvd? Im lost with that.
  6. No, at this point and Ive been using it last night and a couple hours this morning no problems, just starting and rebooting. I am at this moment working on a customers band website and have had no issues, actually going along smoother than before the deletion. When I do this I have about three browsers going at once each with roughly 5 to 10 tabs, filezilla running, corel psp photox2, windows mail and incredimail, and jasc animation shop, hmm dont think I left anything out oh I am also playing a game of scrabble!...lol mulit tasking arent I But no, all runs sooo much better, just start
  7. I usually only shut down completely when I am need to reboot. uninstall etc. and I only shut down at night as I dont like leaving it on all night long ... I should be able to figure out the bump at some point today, I still have some dusting out to do so the issue still may lay with left over programs and or files from the deleted drive. if the computer is looking for those files while booting up and that drive isnt there, then maybe its not freezing, maybe its searching. thats a possibility. but then the scroll bar during boot does stop for roughly 30 sec or more.
  8. Oh Mark, its full or errors! 71 errors in the last 24hrs 46 warnings 1456 info audit success 376 audit failure 31 good news? 0 for critical!... yesterday when it did freeze it was at start up and then again when I was tring to clean up in the control panel using the uninstall area. I thought Id found the start up as there was a message to stop an action as it might cause start up freeze, after that was done, I then went to the control panel and was uninstalling programs that were on D, and I figured the reason for that freeze is that I should have uninstalled the program
  9. Well Mark -- I went in and it went just as smooth as you stated! I still go by if it seems too simple it usually is. I was lucky in the sense that I only had a couple things that I wanted to keep on D: drive, and those were easily downloaded from the original site. So I just deleted D and extended C and poof all back to normal! EXCEPT now, my computer freezes up when she boots up and periodically while running. I have done all my house cleaning. file deletes, defrags, I ran system mechanic and swept out the entire lot. defragged start up, optimized start up, and still its
  10. If you have an incompatible addon it will say in your list of extensions there will be a red ! there. There are many out there complaining of the same problems with FF3. And they are still working on it so far as I know. For me I had noticed that there were a few of my addons that were 'outdated' when I upgraded to FF3, so I had to delete them. I have read that some have gone back to an earlier version that worked for them. If you wanted to do that then I would follow Marks instructions (as he saved my computer! ) and then install an early version to see if that makes any diffe
  11. I have been looking into that after buying more memory. Im now up to 3GB on memory, but the drive is way more expensive than I can afford, thats why I wanted to consolidate as its the cheap way... Id definitely check and copy off what I want to keep, but at this time there really isnt anything there to be concerned about that I cant get back. Thanks so much
  12. sorry for being over cautious I am just so afraid of my puter..hehethanks darlin.
  13. yes, that does sound simple, but I fear too simple..lol Im afraid of loosing the size of my hard drive by deleting it first. Id hate to lose over 50gigs
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