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  1. 3D stayed the same. CPU and RAM scores shot up. (See above.) It's just the 2D test that is flawed some kinda way. My stock number for the FSB clock is 1333. It's presently at 1600. Shouldn't that improve the way the PCIe bus operates as well? Any other sort of benchmarking tool will show an improvement, and with 32-bit colors. Why not PCPitstop? Why degrade my display to get the Pit test to behave? That's like handing a cripple a crutch and telling him to live with it, instead of wheeling him off to therapy. LOL
  2. It shows 100 all right. And so did the others (when they used to show). I know. I've tried to up the number on my graphics card before, but it didn't improve anything very much, whether in the Pitstop or with 3DMark06. Cinebench either, really. And yes, the card is in slot 1 (nearest the FSB). Anyway, why would the bus being OCd affect the Pitstop readings in the negative? If my Cinebench and 3DMark06 numbers go up when I overclock the CPU, why should my 2D number suffer in the Pitstop? This is not a new phenomenon, btw. This has always been the case with any puter I have currently owned. I just now had the urge to see if they knew about it and had an explanation. My video performance in regular 2D graphics is snappier, quicker, and has less lag, so I know the video card is displaying better. It's just that the Pit readings tank for some reason. I went from like 16% for 2D at stock speed to some top 48% with 20% overclcoking. Weird.
  3. You know, I actually looked to see if I could overclock that bus and the BIOS doesn't show anything but PCIe x16_3. It used to show all three slots but I guess they got rid of them in this latest version. This is a replacement MoBo (EVGA 780i) and the BIOS version that came with it doesn't even show PCIe x16_1 or _2 any more. Thanks for the try though. I appreciate your responding.
  4. Does it make any sense that overclocking should lower my Pitstop video score from 280 to 156? Overclocking the CPU I mean, from 3.0GHz to 3.6GHz. This is a Wolfdale E8400, btw. 3D score stayed about the same (5909 vs. 5915). CPU score went up from 23961 to 28787, and memory went from 15492 to 18598. I ran Cinebench and its readings went up after overclocking and I really shot around that monster in the hallway. LOL So there has to be something wrong with this 2D test, right? Or doesn't it like overclockers? LOL
  5. As a footnote to my previous post, I went back and did the Austin one as well as the San Marcos one. There definitely seems to be a problem with the Austin one as well as any other problems you may be having:
  6. Hmmm. Something wrong there BB. I'm near Dallas and used the Mexico City one and got better ping than that. But then too, this test site never gives me as good upload as does the Pitstop. And there I get real low ping as well. Assuming your ISP has an optimizer tool and your puter has been set for best performance than maybe contact tech support and have them ping you themselves. I once showed poor upload performance but healthy download and it turned out to be my router. They shipped me out a new one and problem solved. Ever try DrTCP? http://www.dslreports.com/drtcp They can do a test on you and recommend some settings and implement them for you. I would be careful and do your homework about all those different settings though. Like it recommends a MaxMTU of 1500 but I found that I started to get losses if I went over 1492. My ISP (Verizon FIOS) is the one who put me wise to this site, so I trust it, sorta. But still know what you're doing when you make any changes. Tech support at my ISP gave me the ideal setting for my Tcp Receive Window but yours may be different so I won't go into specifics here about that pert of it. Other than that, all I can think of aboiut the poor ping showing is maybe a kinked cable or maybe upgrading to cat 5e or better yet cat 6 just for extra good measure? Guessing here. Also might try pinging on your own in the DOS window (Run, CMD). I just tried pinging the UK (www.bbc.co.uk) and got 125 ms. You might try it on yours and see what you do.
  7. I love RAID0. You get twice the storage, twice the speed, supposedly. I have the two 160gigs in RAID config. and a separate HD (250gigs) for backup and storage. The pair are partitioned into three sections. C: is for Windows and all the stuff that insists on residing with it. (40 gigs) D: is for backup files, safekeeping, templates and stuff like that. (nother 40 gigs) E: is for Program Files and Nero and all the rest of the video processing software. (rest of the gigs) When you deal in whole movies and capturing off the tv you have to defrag as often as you change socks practically, so getting that part by itself makes for faster defrag time. F: is for DVD drive 1 (region 1) G: is for DVD drive 2 (region 4) The remaining HD is also broken up into 3 partitions also: H: is for Backup.sys file (40 gigs) I: is for pagefile to get it off C: drive and supposedly make it work better (according to Microsoft) (10 gigs) J: is a copy of D: and any stuff I want to archive like videos and audio files that are also on E: (rest of the gigs) So, whenever I save any work it is always in D: that I open the program and then save it there and then save it again in J:. Takes a few extra seconds but now the only way I will lose my stuff is if the roof falls in and crushes the case! LOL This may work for you or you may want to adjust the partition number and sizes according to your needs. Good luck!
  8. As an extra safeguard contact your bank and set up a separate chacking account for online purchases with its own VISA debit card and checks as needed. My bank is Wells Fargo, though any decent bank will do the same. The gal on the phone who helped me in Customer Service said, "Hey! I like that idea! I'm going to do that too!" Make sure they don't link any overdraft protection to the account and once you are set up for online banking you can move funds from your main account to the online one as needed. As a rule I keep $1 there and when I get to where it is time to ok the transaction I pause and open a separate browser window, log in to my bank, and make the transfer for the amount they tell me is the final total. Not a foolproof plan to be sure. If you have more than one transaction pending there is still the possibility that someone could take liberties, but the chances for large pilfering are less.
  9. It is possible for XP to start Windows in Normal Mode but fail to load it in Safe Mode. HUH?? LOL I'm serious. You get the list of all the drivers and stuff on the black screen and it ends with Mup.sys and then quits. At first I thought it was Mup.sys that was corrupted, but no, it's just the last on the list. Well, last on my system anyway. My son has a Dell running XP Home and his has a few more after Mup.sys. Now from browsing the forums looking for a solution to this dilemma I found it could be just about anything, or so it seems. One could try a fresh install thinking something got seriously corrupted only to find out that it didn't fix things and you wasted hours reinstalling all your programs and maybe spent a license key if your copy of Windows is an OEM disk. Bottom line? It turned out to be an additional hard drive I had installed in the case. It wasn't even the boot drive, just a (Maxtor) SATA drive I use for storage and backup. I unplugged the drive and guess what? Windows had no problem going into Safe Mode. Seagate (the outfit that acquired Maxtor) has a utility for checking hard drives -- as do perhaps all the manufacturers, and you can run it and check for problems with their hardware. Sure enough, it showed bad, even though it was still working and I hadn't lost any data yet, thankfully. I spent the 20 bucks to get their replacement drive in advance and the required foam padding and packaging to return the old one and problem solved! (Not a bad deal really, seeing they pay shipping both ways and you get the foam packaging they demand in order to make sure the drive didn't get harmed in shipping.) Moral of the story? If this happens to you, don't rush to reinstall. Try doing some hardware diagnostics first.
  10. In the past when I have tried to use the Recovery Console it asked me for the Administrator password. I have none so I just hit Enter and then it closes out. There is a separate Administrator account that is only visible when you go into Safe Mode. I wonder if one can set a password for that one and satisfy the Recovery Console that way. I don't want to assign a password to my normal account as user with administrator priviliges since then you gotta enter the pw at every startup. Have you tried starting the Recovery thingie and if so, how did you fix this password problem? Thanks.
  11. Yes, this is a sweet looking site. This is Verizon FIOS results. Not too shabby I guess. They pretty much have their ducks in a row... Unless you gotta call them and try to get through to the IQ-challenged lady on the automated system about who you are and what you want... If you have VoIP or are thinking of getting same you can try this one out as well: http://www.testyourvoip.com/ It tells me that to call Sydney from Dallas it is like calling next door, and that is true. There is absolutely no call degradation to Australia even with a ping around 200 ms to that part of the world.
  12. My copy of XP Professional is OEM (the elcheapo version that costs about $140 at Tiger Direct and doesn't come with free Microsoft tech support). Not sure if other versions of the OS have this problem as well, but when I have had to reinstall Windows and it tries to connect to Microsoft to get the slew of updates that are out there it fails to install them. For some reason you have to register some dlls. Thankfully this is not hard to do. Go to Start ->Run and type cmd in the field and then Enter. You get the black DOS box and type the following, hitting Enter after each one: regsvr32 wuapi.dll regsvr32 wuaueng.dll regsvr32 wuaueng1.dll regsvr32 wucltui.dll regsvr32 wups.dll regsvr32 wups2.dll regsvr32 wuweb.dll Once this is done Update sails on through np. I keep this handy in my Windows XP Help file for whenever I may need it. Good thing, since I don't have a clue where I found it or where I could go to ever find it again!
  13. I'm outta here. Unsubscribing now. You dopers had me fooled into thinking this was a serious place to talk aboiut computer issues. I ask for coherent and I get some guy who doesn't even know about the Shift key trying to pass himself off as some savvy dude. LOL THIS IS HILARIOUS.
  14. <sigh> I should have gone with my instincts and hit the Del key as soon as I came to the part where it said to include the comma when there was no comma at all. Sure, you can go into a folder's menu and select another icon instead of the manila-folder thingy -- as shown in the previous post, but you don't need all that hocus pocus in Notepad. In fact I challenge anybody to show in coherent fashion -- and with all the steps included btw, how one goes about extracting one of those icons and applying it to some other file. This would have been a real help had it been a valid tip. I have a database file (dat) and Nero calls it a Windows video file and claims rights to open it. Well, of course it can't. But try to get rid of the Nero icon and you got troubles in River City boy. If I remember right you used to be able to change icons in Folder Options, File Types tab. I can change what is supposed to open it ( I chose Wordpad just to get rid of the stupid Nero icon) but not the icon used to represent it. It didn't replace the Nero icon with the one for Wordpad, which is what I was after. I can even uninstall Nero and the stupid DVD looking thingy is still there.
  15. Looks like someone else had the same problem as I. I just decided to walk away from this tip, but now will ask the question I had when I "followed the steps". That question is, how do you access the icons from there and apply them to wherever you want them, or are they just for looking but not touching?
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