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  1. has nothing to do with that. it's purely marketing for consumers that like nice, fancy terms. the fact is that most "ultrabooks" already have touch screens.
  2. why upgrade to windows 8 if you're just going to spend extra time making it like windows 7?
  3. the term "ultrabook" is a marketing term created by intel. in order to use the ultrabook name, the product must meet the ultrabook specifications. intel is free to demand what they wish of it. doesn't mean much beyond that, though. in fact, most ultrabooks already have touch screens. that's how that works.
  4. this forum is for help...did you need help? there are plenty of places to state an opinion about a company, this isn't really the right outlet for that.
  5. then don't sign in if you're so scared? the bottom line is that purely as a browser, chrome is far superior in performance to any other browser currently available. if you want true anonymity, then use the tor browser and proxies. https://www.torproject.org/about/overview.html.en
  6. chrome runs faster, has it's own built-in process manager, and uses less memory (unless they've reduced that in ff 17) also, i absolutely LOVE being able to use chrome at home, then switch to my phone and have history, etc. there, then use it at work with all the same data. i understand you may be afraid of them using the data for nefarious purposes (and that's a legitimate fear), incognito mode isn't tracked. http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=185277
  7. true story: it's difficult to search for information about this because google has too many "windows blue screen" results. lol
  8. are the drivers for the netgear device for windows 8? i think it's clear where the problem originates if it started to occur when you loaded those drivers.
  9. if you think firefox is faster, try chrome...much better in my opnion. http://www.google.com/chrome
  10. i'm not too familiar with thunderbird, but what you simply need to do is have separate email accounts set up with your isp and then just set up only that specific email account for the corresponding computer. computer a would only have email account a set up in thunderbird computer b would only have email account b set up in thunderbird this has nothing to do with how the network is set up or anything like that. it's no different than how i only get my email and not yours: it's because my email account is different.
  11. are you asking how to send emails from computer to computer without needing to use your internet or are you asking how to set up email accounts with your isp?
  12. put a male end on one and female on the other, then plug them together. in my experience, this is the most cost effective solution. splicing is not advised in general, but that's what i'd do. edit: also, what is the distance you're looking at?
  13. me like me like very much toys...
  14. my buddy at work has an iphone 4s...each time i show him something on my htc one s he complains how he wants one lol
  15. i'm not sure joe really thought that linux meant ONLY open source but rather that it goes against the spirit of what linux is about. joe can correct me if i'm wrong there... in a sense, joe is right about that, but that really only applies to linux itself and other software that uses the GNU license format. proprietary software will always have it's place on any format, be it windows, mac, linux, bsd, etc.
  16. http://neo.com.ph/upgrade-to-windows8/product_list.html
  17. the software isn't linux....linux is only the operating system. just because it runs on linux doesn't mean it has to be open source. just as software that runs on windows (closed-source) doesn't need to be closed-source.
  18. yeah, i don't really get what you're getting at joe. a software company offers a product that a consumer purchases. you don't seriously think this is new to linux, do you? the only new thing is that ubuntu will offer the repo's. android is linux based and open source and offers proprietary software through it's service, google play....where's the complaining about that?
  19. that's pretty slow, but pages should generally load quickly. install a different browser like chrome or firefox (i prefer chrome) and see if the issue occurs with them, too. this will tell us if the issue is browser related or not.
  20. lol nope. i just find windows 8, in general, to be offensive.
  21. not true. you can still buy laptops with windows 7. remember when vista came out and they tried to stop selling xp? that didn't go over very well... it does remain to be seen how much longer they'll sell windows 7 systems, however.
  22. no need to be rude about it, joe. i'm simply stating that i disagree with you. it's okay to have different opinions, you know.
  23. well...what kind of connection speeds are you getting? go to this website and run the test...let us know the ping, down, and up speeds. http://speedtest.net/
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