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  1. i'm sorry, but i can't help but be disappointed. the complaint about uac can definitely be argued, but the bottom line for me is this: most windows users NEED someone/something (in this case, uac) to hold their hand. proof of this is the spyware/malware forum


    also, are you seriously blaming microsoft for not having good drivers for your printer? unless it's a microsoft printer (which they don't make), they're not responsible for making a driver for it.


    this is a common complaint for new linux users. they then blame linux for not having drivers for their device. unfortunately, the fact is that some companies drag their feet in creating drivers (in the case of linux, many companies don't make them at all).


    in all, that was way over-simplistic, even for the casual computer user; although you did include a nice photograph of birds in flight.

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