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  1. i wonder if there is a way to have the computer, at the next startup, unmount c, resize it, then mount it and boot. similar to what chkdsk does with the c drive.
  2. hmm...it worked for me on my second try, but i am dual booting. not sure if that has anything to do with it.
  3. okay, i actually laughed at that one. keep buying it, brits...our economy depends on the crappy software being bought.
  4. i thought i was a conspiracy buff.
  5. i still don't have a working driver for my photosmart 7150. i definitely agree. unified driver architecture is a much better way to go.
  6. did you delete the item under: documents and settings/all users/desktop?
  8. yes and yes. i've had mixed results, though, with the expansion of the c drive. all other partitions i have had no problems with, but the c drive sometimes will not expand. i am unsure why.
  9. hp is giving very shoddy driver support for vista. i will never again buy another hp product.
  10. that's what i'm saying, you don't need a third-party app to do that in vista. you simply do it from the disk management console.
  11. no, but if you wanted to resize the partition or combine that partition into another, you certainly would need a third-party app. i mean, seriously, what are you going to do with a 2 gig partition? other then use it for page file, it's too small to be very useful.
  12. yes, this is absolutely nothing new. the partition is even easier deleted and combined with the main partition in vista. in xp to do that you'd need a third-part program like partition magic. personally, i don't understand what the big deal with these partitions are. i would delete mine, but for some it's a life-saver.
  13. i don't understand how that will help, joe. the issue is computer companies setting aside a few gigs for a recovery partition.
  14. the major manufacturer's have been working with microsoft for years now. most of them had fully functional drivers available on day one. some of them like nvidia and hp didn't put decent drivers out until a month or more after day 1. it's been even more frustrating for me since i've been using the final release copy of vista since mid-november.
  15. not only that, but perhaps a third party program that will allow you to access or delete the files
  16. yes, that is absolutely true. perhaps they could simply implement a table that uac will check to see if the program is safe or not. this table, however, will need to be locked up as tight as possible or it'll be just another way for spyware/malware/viruses/etc. to circumvent the security.
  17. i agree that uac may be too intrusive for the more advanced computer users, but for the people that keep finding themselves in the spyware/malware forum, it's EXACTLY what they need. i think the biggest downfall with uac is that there aren't more options to customize how uac behaves. next time, you should use a photo of penguins.
  18. i understand you point, and it is very valid. however, i feel that is putting the cart before the horse. vista is the horse; the platform to pull along third-party software that fills up the cart. there is definitely a synergy that needs to take place before vista will truly be able to pull along to market, but i would not blame microsoft for other companies not filling that cart. the main reason why xp didn't have as much trouble is because win2k had been out for a while and winnt had been out for years before xp was released. all of these systems were based upon the same nt kernel, making it very easy to adapt drivers, as they treated drivers similarly. vista, however, was built from the ground up. it handles everything differently than the nt-based kernels, thus making hardware manufacturers do more to adapt their drivers for vista. i do think, though, that many of these manufacturers should have been more on the ball with their drivers.
  19. and how, exactly, is manufacturers not providing drivers in a timely basis microsoft's fault? would pcpitstop blame a linux distro if it didn't have good lexmark drivers?
  20. i'm sorry, but i can't help but be disappointed. the complaint about uac can definitely be argued, but the bottom line for me is this: most windows users NEED someone/something (in this case, uac) to hold their hand. proof of this is the spyware/malware forum also, are you seriously blaming microsoft for not having good drivers for your printer? unless it's a microsoft printer (which they don't make), they're not responsible for making a driver for it. this is a common complaint for new linux users. they then blame linux for not having drivers for their device. unfortunately, the fact is that some companies drag their feet in creating drivers (in the case of linux, many companies don't make them at all). in all, that was way over-simplistic, even for the casual computer user; although you did include a nice photograph of birds in flight.
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