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  1. okay.. how about if you disable it in the bios?
  2. okay. so you put the ip address in the browser, and what happens?
  3. no, you were clear. the question still stands, however. are you trying to log into the router using a web browser?
  4. do you have the problem if you disable the nic in the bios. also, i'm a bit confused... do you or do you not have issues in safe mode?
  5. this article has been dugg. http://digg.com/microsoft/Vista_Makes_Back..._t_Restore_From
  6. the operating system doesn't matter. are you trying to log in using a web browser?
  7. win2k requires a clean install per the link i posted.
  8. no. it must be xp. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/...mp;mg_id=20427b
  9. if you're having trouble getting into safe mode, then the issue isn't any driver, spyware, virus, or anything like that. do you have the option to disable the nic in the bios? if so, do that and try booting up, see if you have the issue then.
  10. you cannot do an upgrade to vista from 98. you will have to do a clean install.
  11. hey, you guys, if you're having problems, we have a great help section here.
  12. the more things change, the more they stay the same. got a smoke?
  13. it doesn't seem to actually do anything. the amount of fragmentation that it shows is exactly the same as before it began. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finished testing thread. Defragmenting Step 1: Analyzing Step 2: Free Space Step 3: MFT Zone Step 4: Directories Step 5: Files Step 6: Optimizing Finished! Finished fixing thread. Defrag Elapsed Time: 68 minutes Running Disk Analysis Defrag Report: ---- Defrag Report, Generated by PC Pitstop Disk MD: Volume Information for C:\ Vo
  14. hey rob, could you check if you can shrink your volume? don't actually do it, just get to the point where it asks you how much you want to shrink it by.
  15. oh, we're just playin' with you.
  16. these secret partitions have been around for a long time. since before vista was even dreamed of.
  17. you're probably hitting f8 too soon. wait until right after post to tap f8. really, the most likely problem is that your screen resolution and/or refresh rate are messed up. this is a really easy fix in safe mode.
  18. i wonder if there is a way to have the computer, at the next startup, unmount c, resize it, then mount it and boot. similar to what chkdsk does with the c drive.
  19. hmm...it worked for me on my second try, but i am dual booting. not sure if that has anything to do with it.
  20. okay, i actually laughed at that one. keep buying it, brits...our economy depends on the crappy software being bought.
  21. i thought i was a conspiracy buff.
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