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  1. lets not forget the efforts google is putting behind chrome os.


    the mobile and embedded market is clearly being dominated by linux, but when will linux make the same strides for workstations (desktops / laptops)? if google can put the same weight behind chrome they did with android, it may be sooner rather than later, but we'll have to see.



    regardless, linux coming into prominence is good for everyone. it provides real competition and forces microsoft (eventually) to take their crap seriously.

  2. apple doesn't make the hardware. they outsource it to other companies like intel, foxxconn, etc...the same companies that make your windows pc components. the difference is that apple goes to the component makers to design and assemple a final product that carries the apple name whereas microsoft relies on middlemen like dell and hp to perform that step.


    i don't see it as much of a difference when it really comes down to it.

  3. from what I have read, OEM pc manufactures have windows 8 locked into the bios. When you buy a new pc from Dell, HP, Lenovo...ect. You will not get a COA sticker on the case with the key printed on it because it is in the bios. All you need to do is to install Windows on these pc's and your done. no key installation needed. I have also heard that manufactures are going to give *nix systems access eventually, with some type of key for the bios use.

    Now if you have a custom built box with a builder version of windows 8 on it (one that you purchase) , then you get the COA sticker to put on the case because custom built pc's will not have their bios locked to the Windows 8 license. Currently Microsoft does not offer a retail version of Windows 8






    yes they do



  4. not sure exactly what scoped dir is, but i don't see anything indicating that it's from anything malicious.


    also, yes, it is perfectly safe to delete all temporary files. the %temp% command is simply a shortcut to bring up the temp folder for the current user account.

  5. given the cost of the operating system and the license terms users are required to agree to, i definitely think microsoft should provide more for their customers. i just hope it's much less of this metro b.s. and more of the good things about the windows platform.


    one thing they really need to do is provide a native non-metro interface that is more like the windows 7 interface. what's wrong with choices? are you afraid people will shun metro? i'm sure the answer is yes, but it's still happening against their best efforts.

  6. i don't completely disagree with you there, this does not, however, change what i said. the absolute most valuable protection is common sense and not being ignorant about what you're using. admin account, locked-down account, doesn't matter for many people.

  7. honestly, that's entirely a user problem for allowing anything and everything to be installed or by disabling protections in place.


    my windows 7 computers have run for years without ever having any "wipe, scrub, scour, rinse, repeat". this includes the computer my kids use exclusively.

  8. windows live mail, windows mail, outlook express, and the other plethora of mail programs are different from the websites like hotmail.com, outlook.com, etc. hotmail is a website, you receiving your hotmail email in windows live mail is different...you're not opening hotmail.com, you're opening windows live mail.


    i think what you're asking is how to add your outlook.com email to windows live mail? maybe i still don't understand what you're asking.

  9. so...let's be clear on something and this may help you understand.


    hotmail.com doesn't download, it's not a program, it's a website just like outlook.com. what you have is simply a shortcut that opens your browser and takes you to that website unless you're using something like outlook express or windows mail.


    anyway, here's how you do it:



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