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  1. without metro it pretty much IS windows 7 without media center and with some improvements here and there. overall not worth any amount of money to upgrade to. i paid 15 bucks for an upgrade in the early days of it out of curiosity and i kind of wish i had that money back.
  2. well, regardless, it has proven to be a massive mistake by microsoft's design team. with the first service pack for 8 they're going to add functionality to allow bypassing metro (third-party software can allow for this currently). i'm going to give metro one more shot in an htpc that i will be building soon...mostly because the windows 8 netflix app allows for full 1080p (as long as your isp supports netflix superhd). if it proves to be terrible, i'll probably just use xmbc in a lightweight linux distro.
  3. nevermind terry. i was referring to sijugk stating that win8 is aimed at android, and i don't think that's really correct except in the tablet market. even still apple is tops in the tablet market at this point, although that won't last long.
  4. no, i get that, but android is a tablet / smartphone os, not for desktops / laptops.
  5. yeah, i have no idea what that means. if he means that win8 is aimed to compete with android, then he is partially correct when it comes to tablets and phones, but that doesn't explain why the monstrosity is on desktops and laptops.
  6. that article has amazingly little information. that's too bad, too, because it's an interesting topic. also, justin, that was to do with open source software in general, not just linux. there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of open source programs out there.
  7. lol...i know. linux will not take up any significant portion of the pc market until this happens.
  8. so you're saying that businesses that promote linux such as google aren't part of the linux community? interesting...
  9. nah, at the time the linux laptops were actually a tad cheaper. i remember it well, i was working for them at the time. there simply isn't any consumer interest in using linux because it isn't what they're used to. people do not like to change brands once their used to something, that's the truth when it comes to any consumer product. even the soccer mom who can barely email knows microsoft but doesn't have a clue about linux. the linux community needs to do a much better job on reaching those people. android and chrome may be linux's great hope for that, but there's another problem there:
  10. dell offered a line of linux os laptops a few years back. nobody bought them.
  11. well, people like to stick with what they know. the windows 8 debacle is a great opportunity for them to take advantage of, though.
  12. i hope linux can eat a huge chunk of market share from microsoft. good competition is good for everyone. so far the linux experiments to get it to the regular everyday users have failed in the pc market, but i hold hope for chrome os.
  13. 8.1 will have an option to either boot to desktop or even disable metro. either way, windows 8 is essentially windows 7 with metro. microsoft made the mistake of thinking people would want a smartphone / tablet type interface for all their devices, and it's simply not the case. it really doesn't matter, everyone knows every other windows os is terrible. let's see what they do with windows 9.
  14. i've used synergy since 2005...it's pretty awesome. it definitely gets the badbinary seal of approval
  15. laptop batteries have a lifespan of about two years. if you're close to that then it could be expected to have shortened battery life. please run a pit test and post the results. also run a full malware / virus scan on your system. when you say that your wireless gets disabled randomly, do you mean it disconnects or it actually gets disabled? what do you use to manage the wireless connections, the asus utility or windows?
  16. i see your point. i can definitely see the value of the batch file for quick diagnostic or reporting for systems.
  17. not sure why you're having so many issues. ie10 works just fine on my system, although i never use it because chrome is such a superior browser.
  18. ensure ie is closed. press windows key+r, then type “iexplore -extoff” (no quotes) this loads ie in safe mode. once it's open, try downloading again and note what occurs.
  19. not bad...instead you could simply press windows key+r, type in "control userpasswords2" and see all the information and make necessary changes there.
  20. well, there you go. that warning tells you what's wrong. boot into safe mode, scan your computer for malware.
  21. yeah, i'm not sure what it could be. without actually seeing it, it seems really strange.
  22. "faxes" the bank of america site is working fine for me, so it's not the site. back to my bank of america question: do you get your sitekey picture?
  23. are you able to put in your sitekey answer? please try google chrome and reply with results.
  24. so...important questions: what happens when you try to go to the sites? what web browser are you using? also, this sentence is terrible and makes no sense: " Cannot log on via internet, all of a sudden, access via iphone." does that mean you can access them via iphone or can't? edit: accidentally'd a word
  25. do you see items you tried to download in your downloads folder?
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