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  1. try this: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en&softwareitem=pv-43872-1
  2. look at the comments...someone here has been busy refuting them. btw, that whole web of trust thing is just tarded. rely upon users who have no technical knowledge? no thanks.
  3. a huge problem with whitelisting is if a program on the whitelist gets compromised then it is allowed to roam free by the av product. at least in theory. that bit9 protections sounds quite interesting. in regards to kaspersky: "the Whitelist database, located 'in the cloud'." how is pcpitstop's whitelisting different?
  4. the vb100 doesn't say much at all. the one linked earlier in the thread is a great analysis and the kind of thing i like to see. also, i can confirm that the commercial has that "feel" just like the mycleanpc commercials. it just has the feel of something cheap and just not right.
  5. doesn't really matter. usb drive has potential to carry much more data.
  6. as a computer person and a systems engineer, i really don't care at all about the sales pitch unless it's over the top like mycleanpc. all i want is to see independent analysis covering many areas and comparing to many other products. i like graphs and tables, not shiny sales pitches. for the record, rob, i don't think anyone doubts your integrity here. don't take us wrong like that...i think this is good for you to receive creative criticism from end users and people familiar with various anti-malware products.
  7. i really like you guys because of stuff like this thread and i really respect you rob, but i have to ask: are you refuting the independent analysis or would you agree that it is accurate?
  8. this^ what makes supershield better than vipre in how it protects? are you saying that the report linked above is unfair and/or incorrect?
  9. wow, compared to other virus protection vipre is terrible, although a bit better than security essentials. vipre was also terrible on the "wrongly blocked" scoring. out of the 19 tested, vipre comes in 16th place on the detection scale and actually overall finished in 18th out of 19th...i would ditch anything that uses that ASAP. andrew: bitdefender, kaspersky, trend-micro, and f-secure are your best bets...avoid supershield with extreme prejudice. have a look at page 9
  10. i don't know why you're being told you can't legally download it, you certainly can. as long as your key is legal it doesn't matter. and yeah, 519 gigs sounds about right for xp home. it is important that the version you download matches the key. like mr ed said if you have an oem sticker then you need the oem version.
  11. same as wdey here, i haven't had any issues with microsoft provided drivers since windows xp years ago. are you sure the issue is with the drive and not perhaps a different usb device? does the drive work or not?
  12. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/07/11/snowden_leak_shows_microsoft_added_outlookencryption_backdoor_for_feds/ Be sure to read past the headline. SkyDrive is impacted, as well.
  13. so, who has an iphone with verizon?
  14. "isp friendly" doesn't mean much. it depends upon the protocol used by the mail server. i believe you're referring to pop3 which windows mail does not support...this is an antiquated protocol that is being used less and less in favor of imap (which it does support). it's quite possible that if your isp account is using pop3 that they can change it to imap. either way, i use microsoft outlook for all my mail.
  15. ditch internet explorer and get a good browser like chrome, then use the ad block addon.
  16. i think it's far more likely that the reason is because new pc's come with windows 8.
  17. if you compare steam's windows 7 numbers vs desktop share numbers, steam has about a 23% higher for windows 7 than the actual market share of windows 7 (44%)[source: netmarketshare.com] from how you extrapolated that to mean gamers love windows 8, they must really love windows 7...all it really shows is that gamers generally keep current.
  18. i would certainly agree with that notion about the steam numbers. Steam Hardware & Software Survey: April 2013 Windows 7 64 bit 54.18% Windows 7 13.39% Windows 8 64 bit 10.86% Windows XP 32 bit 8.25% Windows Vista 64 bit 4.45% Windows Vista 32 bit 2.61% MacOS 10.8.3 64 bit 1.56% Windows 8 0.79% MacOS 10.7.5 64 bit 0.74% MacOS 10.6.8 64 bit 0.61% windows 8, as a gaming platform, really isn't any faster than windows 7 and in fact still has issues with some games. as an os in general is is faster than windows 7 in many areas, but again, not as a gaming plat
  19. oh terry..."i'm not part of the gaming community and i'm not a gamer, but you're wrong because i did a quick google search"
  20. i do and most prefer windows 7 still...lol
  21. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/windows-8-gaming-performance,3331-13.html http://usabilitygeek.com/windows-8-vs-windows-7-speed-and-performance-testing/ it's a mixed bag, but for gaming win8 is no better and is a tad worse in some cases. as a gamer myself, i was shocked at your claim that "gamers especially like it."
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