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  1. Mine(32Gig model) should deliver Tues at the latest. :D


    i'm jealous...if i had the 400 bucks for it, i'd get it for sure, but with xmas just a few weeks away it's really not in the cards. i am considering taking up t-mobile's 50 dollar galaxy s4 offer (20 bucks per month for two years) as i'm already a t-mobile customer and i can afford to swing that.



    i did a comparison of the nexus 5 and the galaxy s4 and it's very close. the difference is really just a better processor in the nexus 5.



  2. http://pandodaily.com/2013/10/26/i-challenged-hackers-to-investigate-me-and-what-they-found-out-is-chilling/


    I challenged hackers to investigate me and what they found out is chilling




    It really is important for everyone to know that in this age digital security is mostly a facade. The only real things you can do is completely limit what you give to others, but that's practically impossible these days. There really needs to be some major reforms in how the systems work.

  3. I currently have my users directory on my second hard drive to save room on my ssd. Because of this, I can't install Windows 8.1 (for whatever reason). Does anyone know of a way around this? I don't expect many answers considering it just came out today.


    Currently using Windows 8 Pro.



    watching this thread for information: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows8_1-windows_install/sorry-it-looks-like-this-pc-cant-run-windows-81/84310e8a-edd3-48d7-af31-0b09666b0c74?page=1&tm=1382071380048

  4. http://www.devttys0.com/2013/10/reverse-engineering-a-d-link-backdoor/?




    Based on the source code of the HTML pages and some Shodan search results, it can be reasonably concluded that the following D-Link devices are likely affected:
    • DIR-100
    • DI-524
    • DI-524UP
    • DI-604S
    • DI-604UP
    • DI-604+
    • TM-G5240
    Additionally, several Planex routers also appear to use the same firmware:
    • BRL-04UR
    • BRL-04CW


    TL;DR - Back door found into certain D-Link routers. If you have one, I would suggest using DDWRT.

  5. the article states 299 for 16gb, 399 for 32gb...but the 32 also has a larger capacity battery.




    The report says $299 will get you a 16GB Nexus 5 that’s powered by a 2,300 mAh battery. Curiously, the blog suggests that the $399 version of the next pure Google phone won’t just double the storage to 32GB, but will also increase the battery size to 3,000 mAh.



    edit: added quote

  6. http://bgr.com/2013/10/08/nexus-5-price-299-report/




    According to a single unnamed source speaking with PhoneArena, Google’s upcoming Nexus 5 will start at just $299 without any subsidies.


    I don't know if the source is credible or not, but if that phone comes out at that price, they won't be able to make them fast enough. It's definitely on my xmas list.


    The specs are on par with phones that are 600+ dollars. http://www.droid-life.com/2013/10/07/nexus-5-specs/

  7. i recently got an ssd for my gaming machine and i could not be happier. near instant boot times and making a quite noticeable difference in higher-end games are very nice...the downside, as you're seeing, is the capacity...i, too, have a very large steam library and with my 2 tb drive had no issues having all of them installed.


    my solution was to prioritize my games. i only put the games that will really benefit from the ssd on the ssd...games like skyrim, fallout: nv, the witcher 2, deus ex, etc...other games that won't benefit i put into a separate install folder on my 2 tb drive....stuff like x3, aoe, just cause 2, and so on. doing this i really have no issues only having 180 gigs on my ssd.


    i also have all my user folders on my 2 tb drive in windows 8 (had to do somewhat of a hack to do this during os installation...let me know if you need to know how to do this)

  8. either 2001 or 2002 is when i began getting into trouble here...don't remember which year, though.



    i think one of the reasons is simply that computers are getting easier and easier to use. the difference between windows 98se / me and windows 7 / 8 is mindblowing. another thing is that people are becoming more and more computer savvy in general since they're much more likely now to use them constantly between work and home. lastly, the web is evolving as it always has been and new places pop up from time to time that take people away from places like this...one such site i can think of would be reddit.com.

  9. it has nothing to do with os security, it has everything to do with network security. it's up to the admins of the network to make their domain secure. this is no different regardless of what solution is utilized.


    they are brute forcing looking for simple passwords. very basic network security principles state that you rename all admin accounts and enforce a strict password policy. that's on the admins to do...put the blame where the blame is due. microsoft is the blame of a lot of issues but on this one it simply isn't and if you really think it is, then you have no idea how corporate networks are engineered.


    microsoft does create programs to educate people and require tests, some of which can be quite difficult, to prove your knowledge. they do not pay instructors to teach it to you, however. i don't believe ford pays instructors to train the technicians, it's a similar system to what microsoft uses. hell, for mechanics there's a much more broad "ase" certification that is usually the one required to work in a shop.

  10. what does the issue with the link provided have to do with os security? nothing...it has everything to do with network security which is almost certainly managed by a linux device. either way, it doesn't matter what is being utilized...if the administrators leave their network wide-open like that then no amount of programming is going to prevent it.


    "train people properly" what? that doesn't even make sense...how is it microsoft's job to train people? is it ford's job to train people how to drive? don't be ridiculous.

  11. Depends on your OS.


    I run Lookout on my Android device, there really aren't that many viruses out there at the moment, especially if you don't install apps from anywhere but the Playstore or iTunes. But there have been more cases recently of malware slipping through on the play store.


    Biggest issue with smart phones is phishing.

    i also use lookout. i like it for the automated backups + antivirus all in one...for free.

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