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  1. if you're using vista, you have directx 10.1.


    also, many games don't use pointers, what game are you trying to play?



    thirdly...creating two threads isn't going to get you more help, in fact it's just going to annoy the admin/mod who now has to delete or merge them.

  2. But how do you know 100% that its genuine what they say?


    on a single review, you can't. however, if you skim through 20, 40, or more, you can get a pretty good idea. a few reviews are going to be bs, but most of them are legit when you're looking at a legit site like newegg.


    anyway, a simple visit to http://amd.com or http://www.gigabyte.com.tw would have told him which cpu's support 1066. the very first lesson on building a computer is to make sure the components are compatible. all he needs to do is return the cpu and trade it in for a phenom.

  3. i would put it this way. the psu you paid 90 bucks for is probably about equal to THIS. might it work just fine for you for a few years? sure. is it likely if you put load on it? hell no.


    when you shop at best buy and purchase a best buy product, you are doing three things:


    1. you're paying a premium for simply stepping into their store, they know that the vast majority of their customers are idiots.


    2. you're paying a premium on a generic and unspectacular product.


    3. you're paying a premium because brick & mortar stores have much higher overhead, which means the cost is passed on to you.


    so yeah, you paid 90 bucks for a 25 dollar psu, essentially.

  4. why do people keep posting obvious user to user questions in tech talk? i don't get it, do they not see the sticky thread IN ALL CAPS that says "DO NOT ASK FOR HELP IN THIS FORUM"?

  5. def stick with 32bit your lappy will run alot faster running a 32bit os, most people will boast 64bit is faster, but thats only case if you have got really good hardware.


    whether the computer will run better with 32 or 64 depends on what's in it. the main thing being memory, as 64 uses more memory. but a blanket statement like "32bit...will run alot faster" is at best poor advice, and at worst a lie.

  6. maybe i'm just antiquated, but i couldn't see myself with a netbook, let alone something smaller. when i go shopping for a portable computer, i look for one with at least a 17" screen, i hate not having real estate to multitask.


    i can see usefulness for people who just need a portable to stay connected to email, browse the internet, and watch a few videos. but even then i see it as pretty much a large smartphone with a keyboard (oh, and 3d graphics).

  7. ian, maybe your store is an exception to the rule, but i used to work for geek squad, and by far the majority of them i wouldn't trust to install memory, let alone actually diagnose and fix a problem.


    but hey, what else can you expect from poor pay and poor standards? overcharge and underperform, that's the expectation i give to everyone who mentions "geek squad" to me.

  8. i think that you'll find that overclockers are very much in the minority of people who test and use computers that come here. having helped in the user to user forum for over six years i base that judgement on the number of test results i've reviewed, which is probably in the thousands at this point.


    there is a good sized overclocking group here, but the pcpitstop test is not really a part of what they use to benchmark their systems with. if you're looking for that, check out this forum: http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showforum=23

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