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  1. well, two days in and the verdict is: this phone is absolutely amazing. i was seriously blown away by the display when i started up netflix on it. i was concerned about the camera, but those concerns have been abated. the camera is excellent and with the OIS puts it far ahead of other phone cameras i've used. my old phone is no slouch, either, but the nexus makes it look like a toy (htc one s).
  2. well, 5 months later and i finally have mine ordered. should arrive monday, i can't wait.
  3. uninstalled DA:O from c: and redownloading it to d:. let's see what happens. i was mistaken with that other game i had installed on d: that crashed...it was installed on c: afterall. i hadn't run trim on my ssd, well, since i got it...
  4. i used shell for a while but switched to start8 and i really like it. to be honest i really like windows 8. if i could just completely remove metro i would be quite happy with this os but microsoft put all its eggs in the metro basket and had to ruin a good thing.
  5. i'm really liking farcry3. i can't find any damn goats for the life of me to make a bigger sack, though. bioshock infinite was an awesome game, i really enjoyed the hell out of it. i just wish it was longer, only took 16 hrs to beat it.
  6. btw, this is the command: dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
  7. looking good so far. played DA:O for about four hours last night without issue. thanks for your suggestions. the sfc /scannow suggestion is what lead me to run a dism check. it found three corrupt files although i didn't look at the log to see which ones were affected. i also took a closer look at my application log and found that it wasn't just a few of my games crashing, it was pretty much everything including explorer. it's a wonder i didn't notice it sooner...guess i really don't care until i invest time into a game and lose all my progress due to a crash. next up:
  8. i ran dism and there was some corruption, indeed. let's see if that resolves it.
  9. all temps have been fine. gpu running 65-75 under load. cpu around 45-50. i just had the issue happen to me with another game that i have installed on a different hard drive. the c: is my ssd so most of my games are on there but i have some less demanding ones on my 1tb drive. doesn't appear to be a drive issue. i've been playing DA:O under my test account and so far so good, but it's hard to tell given that the crashes are random. if i can get it to crash under this account that rules out all sorts of things. i'll keep testing.
  10. radeon 6870 video phenom 2 1100t cpu 16 gb memory ran memory test, passed hdd check passed i'll try another user acct
  11. So far this has occurred with Farcry 3, Sim City 5, Civ 5, and Dragon Age: Origins. The game will crash at a seemingly random time with a windows event id 1000. I have updated drivers, checked for malware, etc. but it still happens. Windows 8 From the event logs:
  12. not sure about the xpac. after the steam winter sale, i have 100+ games and have only completed a handful of them. i'm currently playing farcry 3 and dragon age origins, so yeah, i have a lot of playing to do. lol
  13. just because i don't believe in the concept of a god doesn't change what the word god means.
  14. Create a new folder on your desktop and name it "GodMode.{ed7ba470-8e54-465e-825c-99712043e01c}". You can change the "GodMode" part to anything you want as long as after it is ".{ed7ba470-8e54-465e-825c-99712043e01c}". This works in windows 7, 8, and 8.1. I do not know if it works in earlier versions of Windows. Essentially this shows you every control panel option expanded rather than using the control panel shortcuts. Some may find it useful, some may not, but I certainly find it useful.
  15. 3870! wow i don't have much to help with but i'm having a similar problem that happens sometimes, not always. i have a sony wireless headset and when i put it in the charging dock it shuts down my computer...i can't explain it whatsoever. the only connection to the computer is using a simple 3.5mm jack. hope you figure it out. it may just be a short in the cable.
  16. well, that's going to be a failure.
  17. i still play occasionally. the game certainly didn't match expectations, but it's still a decent game in my opinion. given the fact i got it for free due to my wow subscription makes it much easier to enjoy it.
  18. i have honestly never cared for pcpitstop's products, and the last time this subject was visited here some issues people have with pcmatic was completely danced around.
  19. MSE used to be a very good product but has since become pretty much useless. I urge anyone that uses MSE to move to something else like Panda or Kaspersky. Norton tests well in protection but it's way too bloated for me to suggest. http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/security/386185/microsoft-security-essentials-misses-39-of-malware-in-dennis-test
  20. when you say you're getting a green light, is that light right where the network cable plugs in?
  21. open a command prompt and type "ping google.com" what is the result? open a command prompt and type "tracert google.com" what is the result?
  22. sigh...not entirely true. however as with any file sharing, use at your own risk. it's irresponsible, however, to tell us that there is a 100% guarantee of infection. if you use torrents for illegal purposes, then it is likely unless you use private trackers, but if you use torrents for the legal intended purposes, then not so much.
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