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  1. If your seriously worried, try this.


    It's slower, but it 100% guarantees anonanimity.




    Gives you a little read on exactly what it is and how it works.


    I use it for torrentz all the time, as it has an embedded program for that.


    nothing guarantees 100% anonymity.


    from the i2p2 website:


    It should not be relied upon for "guaranteed" anonymity at this time, due to the relatively small size of the network and the lack of extensive academic review. It is not immune to to attacks from those with unlimited resources, and may never be, due to the inherent limitations of low-latency mix networks.

  2. you aren't entirely correct. the board i purchased a year and a half ago supports am2, am2+, and am3, and a large portion of amd boards support this, too.


    i'm currently running an am2 athlon x2 5600 with 1066 ddr2 (which is running at 800). i can easily just upgrade my cpu to an am3 and that's all i would have to upgrade.

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