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  1. :lol: Another trouble maker? You're one of the reasons why no one comes here; you're too smart for us, BB, I bow to you.


    Someone like BB knows everything even with a piece of junk computer. :clap: He must be a Texan.


    PCPitstop needs more trolls like you, BB. Instead of disagreeing with someone, you merely insult them; I will not stoop to the level of a 12 year old, which is exactly the way you're acting.

    There! Now you two are on comparable levels. It's no longer like a giant is beating down a small child! :surrender:



  2. i've still got a barton core 2500m sitting around here that still works. best cpu i've ever owned as far as cost/performance. that thing could oc like a demon on air......ahhh, the good ol' days. :lol:


    but don't get me wrong, i'm not an amd fanboy by any means. if at the time i made my last upgrade the c2d's were anywhere near my price range i would have snagged one up.

  3. what client do y'all use? i was using azureus for a long time until they started adding all the extra crap to it, now i'm using utorrent and couldn't be happier.


    what clients does everyone else use?

  4. it really wasn't that long ago that amd was killing intel. before that intel killed amd, and before that amd killed intel.


    it will keep going back and forth, and that is all great news for all of us who are in the "build your own pc" crowd.


    however, the real bottom line is for those that are in the budget/intermediate market for cpu's, and as far as i can tell amd has owned intel in this area since the days of the athlon thunderbird (remember those badasses!!!???).


    unless i can find a regular paying job again, i've been out of work for over a year now, i can't see any way i'll spend over 200 bucks for a cpu. this is really the main reason why all of my computers are amd; it's just more cost effective for me.

  5. is it set to use word as the editor?


    it's possible that it's an issue with word and not outlook, try doing a repair of word. word -> help -> detect and repair.


    you can also try disabling all add-ins and see if that fixes it, then re-add the add-ins one by one.


    another thing, is you can try deleting and creating a new profile for the user.

  6. you sure did, allen :mrgreen:



    In the end the one that wins is us. Without competition from either company we would get screwed sideways in performance and price. So please, when everyone comes on the forum, lets leave our fanboyism at the door.


    well said, shadow.

  7. You didnt see the difference in everest? So you want me to run a video and cpu app (3dmark) to show you how memory runs? Like I said your just an insulter and dont even have a computer that will run 1066 to begin with, Quit giving advice on what you cannot do. there is a 1200 point difference in 3d06 with memory from 800 to 1066, of course you wouldnt know that probably cant even score 1200

    Im done with you BB




    you haven't even read the entire thread nor have you looked at my computer specs! you're making claims on what you don't even know. i even stated what i had earlier in the thread :lol:


    troll: troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response[1] or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.[2]


    source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll


    everything i have stated has been right on the subject matter. you decided to insult my knowledge and all texans.


    you sir are a troll. done with me? come on, don't be silly. i haven't even started with you, you're not worth my time for that.






    i've been waiting for my phenom 2 for far too long now. it's the only missing piece for me right now, although i could use a video upgrade.

  8. in this case i am right, allen. i'm not always right and have admitted when i was wrong in the past.


    here's your problem, allen. someone says something like "test with some games, applications, and maybe tossup a 3dmark score for each", and because you'd rather make a silly attack rather than actually show us how you're right, i'm the problem?


    let's go back through this thread, allen.


    i stated in reference to 800 vs 1066 memory:

    which is negligable, anyway. you won't see any real-world increase in speed between those two.


    then you stated in response to that:

    I see a big difference running at ddr 800 4-4-4 and ddr 1066 4-4-4



    to which i responded:

    there's no way you will see a "big" difference. not even in synthetic benchmarks will you see a "big" difference.


    but you couldn't handle me saying that, so you ignore what i really say, and just include what would allow you to make an ad hominem attack:

    Your telling me if I set my memory to 1066 4-4-4 timings theres no difference in it than 800 @ 4-4-4 timings? You need a refresher class


    to which i responded, pointing out your choice to ignore what i really said (or maybe it truly is due to a lack of reading ability, i cannot say for sure):

    you need a refresher class in english.


    why don't you re-read what i said, smart one?


    bigjoe cleared it up for you if you didn't understand:

    BB did not say you will see no difference he said you wont see a "big" difference


    then you show that your computer can run at both speeds:



    then it goes on until i comment that you should: "how about testing a couple of games, a couple of applications, and maybe toss up a 3dmark score for each?"



    see, allen, at ever juncture you wish to make a statement and not back it up, and time and time again you choose to not read the full comment (or, again, maybe the language skills aren't there, not sure).


    as your last post indicates you have a very short memory, so here it all is in one post to simplify things for you.

  9. Well instead of arguing my computer will run both so ill show you. I had to up the prosessor 200 mhz higher on the 1066.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    (edit) that is clocked 400 mhz more on the 1066 witch will make some difference


    why not post up something that gives valuable information?


    how about testing a couple of games, a couple of applications, and maybe toss up a 3dmark score for each?

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