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  1. you guys are :filtered:ed up. a man is innocent until proven guilty, and he was never proven guilty. let him rest in peace. jeez.


    i hope when you die you are judged by those who don't know you in the same way.

  2. Tell her the Radeon 3850 has 320 stream processing units, and each one will improve every aspect of her life.


    She will no longer think she looks fat in the dress, nor will you be afraid to say anything when she asks, her butt will be just right, and any other problem women have with themselves will be non-existent.


    Not to mention, it will turn you from ordinary badbinary, into super badbinary, with far superior abilities to argue about politics than the mere peons that are called the "Human race".



  3. i normally wouldn't suspect a power supply to cause a bsod, although they can.


    i'd say plug along on this new format and see if it happens again. just slowly install everything one by one and test it before you install another program.

  4. I see you as having two options:


    A 4830: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....amp;Order=PRICE




    A 4770: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....amp;Order=PRICE


    They're essentially the same card, except the 4770 is fabbed on a 40nm process, so it uses less power, and produces less heat.




    A 4850: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814150337


    got any suggestions on the 4870's?


    i was looking at that 4850 earlier. tempting.

  5. yeah, you're probably right then.


    you don't have a different router you can try by any chance, do you?


    is the router set to mixed mode or is it set to only b or g?



    it's also possible that a neighbor's router is screwing with it by using the same channel you do. you can try changing channels.

  6. do a complete reset of the router by holding in that little recessed button on the back with a paperclip or pen for about 10 seconds, then re-setup the router.


    if that doesn't fix it, try a firmware upgrade on the router. this can often solve many problems.


    how far away from the wireless router are you? when you are connected, what is it saying your signal strength is?

  7. get the 4870, put it in yours and put your 3850 in the box, and then take it out and say you got her a new card :lol:




    i love that idea.


    the only problem is that she knows what my card looks like. when i got it she even commented on the huge heatsink it has, and how "cool" it looked. also, while she could never build a computer or anything like that, she knows computers pretty well and would know if i tried to sneak this one into her computer. :(

  8. here's the deal...i want a new video card and i think that i may have found a good opportunity.


    i currently have THIS CARD, and it's about time for me to upgrade. nothing spectacular, i'm thinking 4870-ish card. anyway, here's my dillemma and my opportunity...


    things have been tight lately so our disposable budget has been very limited (read: non-existent), however, news has recently come to light that may put some more elasticity into that budget. the trouble is convincing my non-gamer wife (she basically plays spore and sims) that i need to upgrade my video card. the opportunity is that her video card's fan just died (geforce 7600 gt) and she's stuck using her onboard video (geforce 6100), which even the sims sucks on (it stutters at even the lowest settings :lol:).


    what i was going to do, is buy a new video card and give her mine. i do this all the time when i upgrade cpu, motherboard, memory, etc., but her retort was "i'm sick of getting hand-me-downs" to which i really don't have a response.


    now, i can:

    A. try to talk her into that again

    B. simply get an after market fan for the 7600 and say "here, fine"

    C. buy her the newer video card this time and use it against her next time.


    the first option is, obviously, the best and it's what i want to do.


    now, this is what i charge you fine people with: help me convice her that choice A is the right thing to do.




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