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  1. dell notebooks have a built-in hardware diagnostics.


    make sure your computer is off. if it is in a docking station or port replicator, remove it and plug the power supply into the wall.

    turn computer on.

    when you see the dell logo, tap the f12 key until you get a menu.

    choose diagnostics, press enter.


    let that run and see if it comes back with any errors.

  2. :clap:


    I would suggest rolling Night Elf huntard as my main. Quickest for levelling and almost unkillable with the NE racials imo. Also, be sure to ask about addons, whichever class you go with.


    I really must get me an American WoW serial number so I can extend my killing sprees :P


    i'm now a level 24 night elf hunter, and i'm loving my pet. :D

  3. this is absolutely freaking stupid. i was playing the trial of wow, then paid for the full version, downloaded from the wow offical site, and i've spent at least the last hour installing updates for wow. you'd think the one you download would be the most up to date. WTH, wow.

  4. i've been quite happy with my install of windows 7. i don't know if i'm going to pay for it yet, but i might. it's even more responsive than xp for me.


    when i boot from xp to 7 it's almost like going from 98 to xp.

  5. badbinary, innocent untill proven guilty is how the system works, but if you have the money, you may get off the hook.... OJ?


    i hear ya, but even with oj we just don't know. i believe fully in needing proof of something before said person can be crucified for it.


    but i think the oj thing and the mj thing are different animals. it does appear that the parents were just looking for money. i agree with what was said earlier, as a father, i would want the punk sent to jail, i wouldn't take a payout if it was true.

  6. i'd probably hold the team back. :lol:


    i'll be getting my new 4850 soon, but that's nothing compared to what most of y'all have.


    gigabyte ga-ma790x-ds4

    athlon 64 x2 5600+

    4 gig ddr2 800

    radeon 3850

    2x wd 160gb sata2 hdd raid0

    1x samsung 750gb sata2 hdd

    1x wd 80gb sata1 hdd


    wish i could find about 400 bucks and put two 4890's in crossfire...but then i'd need another hundred for a new psu....and another 200 for a good phenom 2 to keep up with it....



    damn, does anyone have about 700 bucks to loan me? i'll pay interest, we'll just have to stretch the payments over 20 months. :lol:

  7. i remember back to his last case, where there was video cameras outside his bedroom door, that let him know when parents were coming so he could hurry up and get out of bed with kids. i remember hearing that on the news


    if i was a multi-millionaire, i'd have a camera outside my bedroom, too. hell, i'd have twenty inside the bedroom. :mrgreen:

  8. Can you name any other celebrity fatality from a heart-related ailment or heart attack?

    I understand John Candy and John Ritter were a couple examples. And those came at a time when the performer was in the middle of a project.


    jim fixx


    he was a fitness guru and wrote a popular book about running. died of a massive heart attack...when? right after his daily run...oh the irony.





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