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  1. wasn't there a class-action lawsuit due to the horrible gpu's hp was using?


    if the flickering doesn't change at all when rocking the screen back and forth then your issue is either the display itself or the gpu. both will probably cost you (assuming no warranty) enough to think about just buying a new computer.




    edit: grammar

  2. I do not find it necessary. As for the warranty, yes I agree with them on voiding the warranty. Changing kernels can have adverse effects on the hardware, and the manufactures should not be held liable for people doing things they have little to no knowledge about.


    That said, I believe when you purchase a hardware device it is yours to do with as you wish. Just don't expect a manufacturer to stand behind that hardware when you deviate from the standard "operating system"


    came here to say pretty much this ^

  3. Hey Joe, I hate the lack of privacy we all endure now but this type of racking doesn't really bother me. It doesn't identify "me" but rather an unidentified machine that visits the site. There is nothing about me and my personal information that is available to them.


    that doesn't follow...


    answer me this: if it's just some "unidentified machine", then how does it track it? doesn't it give it an identifier?

  4. http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/innovation/09/13/chattanooga.broadband/index.html?hpt=T2


    The unlikely city of Chattanooga says it began offering one-gigabit-per-second internet upload and download speeds Monday, a rate it says is the fastest in the United States -- and 250 times the average internet speed in the nation.

    let me ask this: would you pay $350 per month for 1 gb/sec internet? just imagine downloading 1 gigabyte in 8 seconds.


    for now, i think this will appeal to a very niche market, but this is definitely the future given how much more we use the internet to access things like movies, games, and other entertainment.

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