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  1. is this a paid product or free product? from that page i can't tell, just the "free privacy scan" that wants me to download and install something.


    i trust pcpitstop. i know their products and have been around the forums for years now, but i gotta tell you, that page just gives me the feel of "don't click".

  2. so i tried Ctrl-Alt-Delete but just once since i knew twice would shut me down

    yeah...hitting ctrl-alt-del twice doesn't do anything in win 7

    i'm simply trying to ensure that readers don't think that hitting ctrl-alt-del twice will shut their computers down, or do anything else, for that matter. forgive me if i don't understand the rant.

  3. fire, this has nothing to do with who's telling the truth...it's simply a matter of fact, hitting ctrl-alt-del twice in a row does nothing in windows 7.


    maybe you had a virus or another program that does do something when you do that, but windows 7 does nothing in response to hitting ctrl-alt-del twice.

  4. you would do it exactly as shown in your diagram. If possible, go with a switch instead of a hub for faster and more reliable network traffic.


    if he wants to connect two separate networks together, he'll need to use routers to do so...the best solution would be to simply convert the existing network to what you have in your diagram.

  5. i understand "people are putting their trust into business's that may or may not be ethical or creditable", i'm just wondering how you are making the assumption that companies that provide services in the cloud are more unethical or credible than any other company? i ask because no matter what kind of service the company provides, it may be unethical or unreliable.


    if you are asking the question whether cloud services companies are any more or less credible than companies from other services, then the answer is not that i'm aware of.


    any company is capable of violating agreements, regardless of the service they provide.

  6. a company does not have to host stuff in the "cloud" to violate privacy agreements.



    is the aim of this thread to discuss cloud computing or end-user agreements?

  7. are you talking about booting up? you have to think of an old flip phone compared to a modern smart phone kind of like a calculator compared to a laptop. sometimes the laptop will take a little while to boot up after shutting down.


    my htc evo 4g will usually start right up, but sometimes it has to go through a full boot process.

  8. wasn't there a class-action lawsuit due to the horrible gpu's hp was using?


    if the flickering doesn't change at all when rocking the screen back and forth then your issue is either the display itself or the gpu. both will probably cost you (assuming no warranty) enough to think about just buying a new computer.




    edit: grammar

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