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  1. well, found my old box (thankfully i saved it) and registered the card...xfx agreed to just send me a fan and i'll replace it....that'll give me the least amount of downtime. i'll definitely get one of those 4870 fans...10 bucks for a working 4870? hell yeah, it's still a decent card.

  2. the fan is dying on it. i noticed that it would occasionally spike to 100+ degrees, and twice it's shut my computer down now. recently i stuck my hand in there during one of these spikes and found the fan moving then stopping then moving then stopping...meanwhile i had the fan speed set to stay at 100%.


    it's an xfx model HD-687A-ZHFC. i would like to go with the cheapest solution, which is to simply retain the current heatsink and simply replace the fan, but i'm having trouble finding the correct fan to replace. i've found a couple potential solutions on newegg and coolerguys, but comments about them state they had to pretty much jury-rig them to get them to fit due to screw hole sizes / placements.


    i also have a xfx 4870 with the same situation (except the fan doesn't work at all on this one).




    any suggestions?

  3. i figured this forum would be more suited than general discussions, but feel free to move it if you think otherwise.


    anyway, just curious as to what web browsers the contributors of pcpitstop use. i've moved exclusively to chrome recently after going back and forth between ie9 and firefox. i absolutely love it, it works exactly how i want a web browser to work.


    so, what are the rest of you using?

  4. why would you need a mouse that uses usb 3.0? a mouse doesn't need to transmit data that fast and usb 3.0 is backwards compatible, so any usb mouse will work on it.

  5. yeah, that's definitely not good, i agree.


    must say, however, that after using them almost exclusively for 10+ years, i have never had a problem with them or the products i've purchased from them. part of that is being a well-informed buyer, but a lot of it is because newegg is a quality company overall.

  6. not necessarily illegal...only illegal if he does not own the album the songs came on.


    you most likely burned the songs onto the cd as .mp3. most cd players do not play mp3 cds and only play audo cds. what you'll need to do is create an audio cd from the mp3 files.

  7. i don't believe data can quite be equated to physical items and vice versa, but it can't just be tossed aside like dillsterr is simply because it's easily copyable data. i think that's the trap people fall into. hey, it's not going to harm anyone if i just make a copy of this.


    and essentially it won't. drm harms the companies more than piracy does.




    alas, it doesn't matter....as bruce pointed out, it's illegal.

  8. I recently went with Comcast about 5 weeks ago, the other day I went to their web site to pay my first bill, now I have never been to the Comcast web site before but when I clicked "create an account" they already knew who I was because my user name and password popped up. I had to call Comcast because I did not know the password they gave me. I asked how could I have an online account set up already, (without any previous cookies mind you) they only thing they told was that I could change my password and they would be happy to do that.


    that's simple. they provide your cable router the ip address, they know who you are simply from the header data in the packets. it's much like when someone you know calls and you answer with their name due to caller id. you sent them identification simply by connecting to their site.

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