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  1. all-time fave would be the civilization series. i've currently logged over 500 hours on civ 5 alone.


    after that probably world of warcraft, the elder scrolls series, diablo series (although 3 was kind of a let-down), and i love the madden games.

  2. Hi pickster,


    Welcome to the Community.


    Yes, Seagate SATA Hard Drive will work. Provided you use specific Seagate SATA HDD compatible with Dimension 4600 and available at Dell. Please check for the below Part numbers for the Seagate SATA HDD:


    Part number: R0190 120G, Serial ATA, 8M, 7.2K, Seagate-Alpine

    Part number: W3004 80GB SATA, 7.2K, 3.5", 8M, Seagate Alpine

    Part number: R0085 120G, Serial ATA, 7.2K, SEAGATE-AVALANCHE


    Thanks and regards,



    Dell Social Media Responder


    don't listen to this guy. he's simply trying to make money for dell...i would consider his post spam and only spam.



    honestly, just about any sata hard drive will work.

  3. i think the bottom line is that it would likely not be cost effective at this point to change the architecture of the software the pit uses. given that all the offerings are geared towards windows and that all windows computers come with internet explorer and activex (as stated several times), the business reasoning behind it is about as logical as you can get.

  4. there are literally thousands of things that cause signal degradation. from using a microwave oven to a cordless telephone to walls (even thin ones) to basic power lines in the walls. without really being able to investigate this, it's hard for us to be able to determine. these issues often do get worse with time for various reasons.


    in short: sure sounds like degradation to me. sometimes nearly impossible to find the root cause.

  5. i know that this is a very niche group of people, but is it possible to run the 3d test portion of the overdrive test in full screen rather than windowed? for those of us who have crossfire, the crossfire doesn't kick in unless it's full screen.

  6. http://www.pcpitstop...nid=24942327 I clocked the CPU to 4.0 GHz here and got a higher total score but there was some odd flickering on the graphics test.


    http://www.pcpitstop...=24942443 Here I went back to 3.8 GHz but changed to 16 bit. Better percentage but lower total score.


    huh, i would have thought the fx6200 would score better. here's my 1100t for comparison.



  7. The processor should never come up with the heat-sink. I'm inclined to go with your theory about the socket malfunctioning.

    The lock on the socket casing should hold that processor down deep and tight enough that it can not be removed unless the locking arm is released.


    Provided that no pins are bent on the processor itself, see if you can get that puppy locked in there real good.

    If the processor can be raised or removed even if the locking mechanism is deployed, then that's the issue here.


    :) Y


    i've serviced a very large number of systems over the last 15+ years and i've had this happen quite a bit when removing the heatsink. it's really not that uncommon for the processor to slide out of the socket when it's stuck to the heatsink. it's actually kind of good because it indicates that the processor is making excellent contact with the heatsink and should dissipate heat quite well.


    one thing you DO need to do if this happens, however, is to check the pins to be sure none are bent or missing. i've never had a pin go missing on me, but a buddy of mine said he has.

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