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  1. MS are virtually giving it away.

    It will be a war of attrition as you can only buy W8 laptops etc now, so by default it market share will grow.


    It's still poor though, poor OS, poorly implemented.


    not true. you can still buy laptops with windows 7. remember when vista came out and they tried to stop selling xp? that didn't go over very well...


    it does remain to be seen how much longer they'll sell windows 7 systems, however.

  2. don't get your panties in a wad, I stated that M$ was trying to mimic ipads


    no need to be rude about it, joe. i'm simply stating that i disagree with you. it's okay to have different opinions, you know.

  3. there's a big downside to using those services if you live in a large population area. since they piggyback off of other networks, they get the leftovers...so it works like this: if you're using android with them, you're using sprint (this is just an example) and there are 500 slots on the tower for usage and 500 sprint users are using it, your trac / straight talk / net10 phone will get nothing. also, if there are 450 sprint users and you're talking, and another 50 sprint users make a call...you will likely have your call dropped because the sprint users get priority. same thing goes for data, your data service will get throttled for the same reasons.


    it's great in lower population areas or users that never use their phone in peak times, but other than that, it's horrible.

  4. just because you don't understand it doesn't make the information irrelevant.


    as a systems administrator of thousands of systems, i can tell you that every single question doug asked is relevant.




    truth bomb here: nothing is more annoying than someone arguing with you and not answering simple questions when you're trying to help them. this behavior completely removes my desire to assist.

  5. Your next phone, tablet, computer, monitor, laptop will have a touchscreen.




    touchscreen is perfect for mobile devices, but it doesn't really translate that well into the realm of the typical home or work computer. there are obvious applications for it that have been using it for years now, but there are good reasons why typical home and business computers don't have them.

  6. Of course it can hurt. Even the few who claim success nearly all say the drive failed completely after several minutes. It is essential to avoid actions that would make later recovery efforts impossible — and there are certainly other methods, but they all require intact drive platters and heads.


    you've totally missed the boat here tom.


    hard drive fails. not recognized by system, etc. etc.


    freeze hard drive


    bam, works for 20 minutes!


    stops working

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