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  1. again, i would like to stress that the drive itself does not do anything with regions...it's the software used to view what's on the disk. standalone players you get for your tv have software embedded on it that can't be altered (easily) and that's why you have strict region requirements on them.
  2. if you think windows 8 mimics ios in any fashion then i don't think you've used windows 8. if anything, it mimics dog crap filled with pieces of colorful crayons that the dog ate.
  3. blu-ray drives for computers are all region free and the region restriction is handled by the software. you don't need to worry about firmware or any of that. blu-ray drives are not the same as dvd drives. 8210guy's information is correct for dvd drives, but not blu-ray.
  4. the drives themselves don't have region restrictions, it's the software. get THIS and you'll be fine.
  5. http://www.kaseya.com/features/software-deployment-and-update.aspx never used specops, sorry.
  6. there's a big downside to using those services if you live in a large population area. since they piggyback off of other networks, they get the leftovers...so it works like this: if you're using android with them, you're using sprint (this is just an example) and there are 500 slots on the tower for usage and 500 sprint users are using it, your trac / straight talk / net10 phone will get nothing. also, if there are 450 sprint users and you're talking, and another 50 sprint users make a call...you will likely have your call dropped because the sprint users get priority. same thing goes for
  7. i'm not sure as to the cost of licensing, but check out kaseya. as far as the gpo issue, have you reviewed this? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315809
  8. just because you don't understand it doesn't make the information irrelevant. as a systems administrator of thousands of systems, i can tell you that every single question doug asked is relevant. truth bomb here: nothing is more annoying than someone arguing with you and not answering simple questions when you're trying to help them. this behavior completely removes my desire to assist.
  9. guy at work got one, i played with it a bit...it's terrible.
  10. multi-touch is nice and all, but you don't need an expensive pad for that...just use your mouse.
  11. touchscreen is perfect for mobile devices, but it doesn't really translate that well into the realm of the typical home or work computer. there are obvious applications for it that have been using it for years now, but there are good reasons why typical home and business computers don't have them.
  12. windows 8 is nice for devices with touch screens, not for computers with keyboards and mice.
  13. Just got the HTC One S. Love it. I must say, ice cream sandwich is a great os.
  14. whether you download the updates all together or as a service pack it will still take the same amount of time to get them. i'm not understanding what the problem is.
  15. not strictly my rig, but a pic of my battle station from a few days ago.
  16. who is the maxxguard fqdn on the ndr from? the bottom line is that maxxguard-sbs.maxxguard.local is blocking the messages. if that is your server, then that is the problem. check the connector logs and queues to find out what's causing it. what happens when you ping the smtp port? also, check this kb...might be the fix. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/885419
  17. also...what version of exchange? what version of windows server? please include sp number
  18. exchange admin here hate to ask this, but have you tried restarting the cas, hub, and mailbox servers?
  19. honestly, if we're delving into the realm of pci video cards, i don't think having a fan or not is really going to matter for a card that only operates below the bandwidth limitation of pci.
  20. should be 100% unnecessary why do you think you need them?
  21. you've totally missed the boat here tom. hard drive fails. not recognized by system, etc. etc. freeze hard drive bam, works for 20 minutes! stops working
  22. i see that i've started a controversy. here's the thing about the freezer trick: while hard drives can be repaired, the amount it costs is extremely prohibitive. your drive isn't working as is, so who gives a rats if some condensation forms on the platters? it's a last ditch effort that will occassionally work...if it doesn't work then you still have a non-working hard drive. i have no idea why it's even being argued. it's like arguing that we shouldn't use defibrillators on humans. yeah, if they're healthy it's not good, but they're dying, man.
  23. yeah, not much you can do. there's a small possibility that if you place it in a freezer for a few hours that it may work for a short period of time after, but that is a very small chance. this is why backups are so important.
  24. using chrome at home and ie9 at work i haven't had any issues posting here in a long time. what browser are you using and could you descriptively explain the issue you're having?
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