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  1. look on the ethernet port where the cable is plugged in. there are two lights. are they lit up? if so, what are the colors and are either of them blinking?


    if you have lights you have a good connection to the router and hardware can pretty much be ruled out. if no light then you likely have a hardware issue (the nic, cable, or router).


    if you have lights boot into safe mode with networking. do you get internet there?

  2. Thanks for the feedback.


    We definitely need to upgrade our version of the Ookla speed test. It is on our list of projects but does not have an ETA. Upgrading should resolve the issues that you have reported.


    Secondly, I have requested that our web developer add the additional options for the Internet speed selections.


    Finally, I will look into updating the Steam.exe advice. It may take me a day or so but I will get it done. Thanks for pointing that out.


    thanks man...er...guy :tup:

  3. The test is nice and useful as it always has been, but I noticed a few things on my latest test.


    First off, the bandwidth test is too short to detect the real bandwidth of some faster connections. My connection is 320 Mb/s but the test here finished while it was still ramping up and stopped at 65,176 Kb/s (65 Mb/s). When I test using speedtest.net it gives accurate results. I understand this is a limitation of the ookla test and isn't under your control, but as people get faster connections it's something you should think about.


    Secondly, and related to the first, the highest option for download speed on the form at the end is 150 Mb/s. There are quite a few ISP's now that offer up to 1 Gb/s speeds. You may want to consider updating that.


    And finally, you list steam.exe as a craplet and as "A utility related to the Half-Live game." Okay, first it's "Half-Life", and second that's a 16 year old game. Steam is far more than that and is far from a craplet. If steam is deemed a craplet then so should Origin and U-Play as they all do similar things just for different gaming companies.


    Thanks for the good work you do guys!




    edit: spelling

  4. I understand that in Windows 8 that Windows has it's own sort of built in version of their own java and aren't using Java anymore.


    what? O.o


    windows hasn't had their own java version in about 10 years or so. if you have java it's from oracle and nobody else, and it's not installed with windows. it must be installed by itself.

  5. i've disabled avast, tried ie in both admin and regular mode. the test doesn't load on the main page. i click the troubleshooting page and then i can start the test, activex loads but it doesn't proceed past "Saving Add/Remove List". the activex test passes okay.


    i have no idea what the issue is here. i don't have any known issues with anything else.


    edit: almost forgot, i also added *.pcpitstop.com to the trusted sites list, no dice.


    win 8.1

    ie 11.0.9600.17278

  6. I'm usually quite adept at fixing these kind of issues but this one escapes me.


    Last week I upgraded my computer to an I5 4690K on a Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 5 motherboard. I did a fresh install of Windows 8.1, installed the drivers, all is good. I then updated the BIOS to F5 (latest) from F3. Some time after that I noticed the device manager is showing i'm missing a driver for a SM Bus Controller. I've tried reinstalling the Intel chipset drivers multiple times but it does not fix the issue. I've installed every driver available from the disk and the Gigabyte website but the issue persists.


    I contacted Gigabyte support but their only solution was to do what I've already done (and retried) and since that didn't resolve it, to reinstall Windows and start over. I would rather not reinstall since that will eat up a few hours of my time just for a driver issue. My google-fu doesn't really turn up anything except to install the Intel chipset drivers.


    Does anyone have any different ideas?

  7. probably not, but it's possible. if the hp system has similar or same hardware then the chances are decent.


    only way to know is to try.


    if it does work, you will need to update drivers for the new system.

  8. it's an htpc so drop the ssd for a much larger storage hd. you'd be surprised how quickly it can fill up, i have 6TB in my media system and still want more.

    also you don't need super fast read/write speeds for video, i believe even for 4k video recording a minimum write speed of 30MBs is more than fast enough for real time recording, 1080p (high def) video is even less. (not talking about uncompressed video here, only professionals use that, and needs something like 3Gbs or more.)


    personally i don't like your case, but that's just a personal cosmetic thing and think this looks nicer :- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811108065

    overall tho i think your going to have a very nice htpc system.


    i'd definitely add a dvd drive tho.




    i use NAS for storage and i don't record live tv (i got rid of my cable) so having large internal storage is unnecessary. i was going to go wtih a 32GB ssd but decided on the larger one so that i could play around with it more.


    that is a nice looking case, but i don't know if i can trust the psu. that's the main reason for the antec case, i trust antec psu's. i am considering it, however, as that in win looks nice.




    I would substitute this mobo+cpu for that A4, it'll handle any transcoding much better, it employs their new audio engine which truly sounds phenomenal and will provide an upgrade path should it be needed in the future. http://www.microcent...0423952,0427565


    that is a nice combo there. i could even use that to play some games on my tv. i would be concerned about heat and power draw, however, AND it puts me over budget.

  9. This is what I tossed together. Everything is in the air, but it needs to be under $400. I'm looking for suggestions that may make this build better in your opinions. Optical drive is purely optional as 99% of what I use is streamed or downloaded.


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