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  1. i've hit a few birds here and there while driving. usually something small like a sparrow.
  2. him and johnny are back together.
  3. okay, then just follow what's on that link nigsy posted.
  4. do you have a wireless router? even more importantly, do you have broadband internet?
  5. you will need a program like partition magic.
  6. during windows setup it asks you for a admin password. this would be something you put in yourself if you're the one who installed it.
  7. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/crime/200....juice.box.kptv
  8. not using remote desktop. you'll have to use a third-party solution like team viewer. http://www.teamviewer.com/index.aspx
  9. is your cd/dvd drive sata? if so, you'll probably need the sata motherboard driver on floppy or flash drive.
  10. not being able to delete or move a folder is one of the most irritating problems one can have, imho. in fact it irritates me more than getting a bsod. i discovered unlocker a long time ago thanks to this forum, and i'm very grateful to have discovered it. i'm just passing along my own experiences.
  11. try this: http://download.cnet.com/Unlocker/3000-2248_4-10493998.html
  12. or simply overheating. spray some compressed air into all the vents underneath on an the sides (if there are any on the sides).
  13. wouldn't change a thing in regard to your issue.
  14. a bad graphics chip could cause shutdowns. a bad screen could cause the screen to go off, but it shouldn't cause the computer to shut down unless there's a short.
  15. then try f10, there should be a diagnostics option.
  16. restart the computer, tap f2 (or is it f10? i don't remember) when you see the dell screen, choose diagnostics from the menu, let that run. two questions after running that: do you get any errors? is the screen greenish in the diagnostics, too? if the screen is greenish in the diagnostics, then you've either got a bad lcd or bad graphics chip. if it's the lcd, you'll either need to get a new one from dell or online and have it replaced. if it's the graphics, you'll need to get a new motherboard.
  17. avg, avast, threatfire...those three are all very good.
  18. np man. have you recently installed any software? are all your drivers up to date? have you tried system restore? run chkdsk on your hard drives.
  19. it shouldn't be an issue to have the sata dvd drive hooked up with sata hard drives. once again, have you scanned for malware/spyware?
  20. no, it certainly doesn't, but it could simply be something in a different language that you don't have installed on your computer. have you scanned for spyware/malware? i don't see anything interesting from the test that would cause this issue.
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