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  1. him and johnny are back together.
  2. you will need a program like partition magic.
  3. during windows setup it asks you for a admin password. this would be something you put in yourself if you're the one who installed it.
  4. not using remote desktop. you'll have to use a third-party solution like team viewer. http://www.teamviewer.com/index.aspx
  5. is your cd/dvd drive sata? if so, you'll probably need the sata motherboard driver on floppy or flash drive.
  6. not being able to delete or move a folder is one of the most irritating problems one can have, imho. in fact it irritates me more than getting a bsod. i discovered unlocker a long time ago thanks to this forum, and i'm very grateful to have discovered it. i'm just passing along my own experiences.
  7. try this: http://download.cnet.com/Unlocker/3000-2248_4-10493998.html
  8. or simply overheating. spray some compressed air into all the vents underneath on an the sides (if there are any on the sides).
  9. wouldn't change a thing in regard to your issue.
  10. a bad graphics chip could cause shutdowns. a bad screen could cause the screen to go off, but it shouldn't cause the computer to shut down unless there's a short.
  11. then try f10, there should be a diagnostics option.
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