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  1. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!11!1!111ONE1!!!1!1!11
  2. i'm having the same issue. the test starts but just comes to a page and does nothing (see screenshot). i'm using windows 8.1 pro / ie11 i've tried both the 64 and 32 bit versions running as admin with my antivirus off.
  3. look on the ethernet port where the cable is plugged in. there are two lights. are they lit up? if so, what are the colors and are either of them blinking? if you have lights you have a good connection to the router and hardware can pretty much be ruled out. if no light then you likely have a hardware issue (the nic, cable, or router). if you have lights boot into safe mode with networking. do you get internet there?
  4. The test is nice and useful as it always has been, but I noticed a few things on my latest test. First off, the bandwidth test is too short to detect the real bandwidth of some faster connections. My connection is 320 Mb/s but the test here finished while it was still ramping up and stopped at 65,176 Kb/s (65 Mb/s). When I test using speedtest.net it gives accurate results. I understand this is a limitation of the ookla test and isn't under your control, but as people get faster connections it's something you should think about. Secondly, and related to the first, the highest option
  5. blah, i got it finally. it was avast afterall. they have some dumb ie thing that blocks websites unless you specify they're okay. since i don't use ie i didn't know about it. sorry to bother you, was all on my end! i do have some issues with the test that need a new thread, however.
  6. ahh, okay. when i get home i'll check that out. firewall shouldn't be blocking anything, but i'll see. i'll disable the firewall and try again. does it not use port 80 as iexplorer? is there a different executable that i should create an outbound rule for if that's the case??
  7. what? O.o windows hasn't had their own java version in about 10 years or so. if you have java it's from oracle and nobody else, and it's not installed with windows. it must be installed by itself.
  8. i've disabled avast, tried ie in both admin and regular mode. the test doesn't load on the main page. i click the troubleshooting page and then i can start the test, activex loads but it doesn't proceed past "Saving Add/Remove List". the activex test passes okay. i have no idea what the issue is here. i don't have any known issues with anything else. edit: almost forgot, i also added *.pcpitstop.com to the trusted sites list, no dice. win 8.1 ie 11.0.9600.17278
  9. that did it! thanks tom. this wasn't a big deal by any means but sure bugged the heck out of me, i appreciate the help.
  10. @brownhornet: yes, i tried that, it takes you to the chipset drivers. the bios update definitely took okay. @tomgl2: i've tried reinstalling the intel drivers multiple times, no dice
  11. I'm usually quite adept at fixing these kind of issues but this one escapes me. Last week I upgraded my computer to an I5 4690K on a Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 5 motherboard. I did a fresh install of Windows 8.1, installed the drivers, all is good. I then updated the BIOS to F5 (latest) from F3. Some time after that I noticed the device manager is showing i'm missing a driver for a SM Bus Controller. I've tried reinstalling the Intel chipset drivers multiple times but it does not fix the issue. I've installed every driver available from the disk and the Gigabyte website but the issue persis
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