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    AMD Athlon x2 240 2.8 GHz (Stock heatsink/fan @ 19'C idle 26-30'C load) Wintec 2 gb DDR2 800 WD 320 gb HD + Seagate 120 gb HD ATI Radeon HD 4200 IGP Win 7 Ultimate 5 mbit down 500 kbit up DVD-ROM CD-RW
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  1. Wow... "my speakers did not download so they are useless".
  2. Nevermind. I messed up on a step. Thanks guys o:
  3. =] Oh yeah, I'm well aware it's in desperate need of more ram. I'll try to get as much as I can sometime this weekend. Perhaps a 128 mb stick or more would do some good? I opened up the case just a few days ago, only seeing 2 SDRAM slots. But as for registering the slayerui.dll, I already tried doing so, and though doing so popped up a window saying file registration was successful, D: It had no effect. Regardless, I'll try again once my sis is off the computer =] Anything else I can try?
  4. My 7 year old sister got her own, little computer recently. It's far from a powerful machine, clocking in at 400 mhz, 64 mb of ram. I upgraded it to 2000 due to the fact that 98 just had too many cluttered problems and even a few driver issues. Needless to say, this sped up the computer quite a bit. However, I'm trying to run a game in compatibility mode for Windows 98/ME. I can't seem to find the option under the properties window for a shortcut, or even an EXE. What am I doing wrong? I have Windows 2000 SP4 installed.
  5. Thanks much for the help! It'll be nice to actually hear my TV without the roaring of the fan against my computer. Hopefully everything will be okay with the cover on, as I've never really kept the cover on ever since I replaced my power supply, which wreaked havoc on my pc's stability. Thanks again. Will post back here if problems arise.
  6. I have an older PC setup (that is, until I get my AMD 64 setup complete n_n) that's equipped with an AMD Athlon XP 2000 cpu, operating at 1.67 GHz. Socket A based. My question is, what are average tempratures for this cpu, on idle, and full load? As I'm typing this, with the cover removed and a small fan sitting next to the board, I'm getting 43-44'C. Is this okay? On full load, my CPU temps jump to 46-48'C. This is what I"m worried about.. When I have the case closed/covered, my idle temps are at 48'C, and jump to 53'C on full load. I'm really unsure as to what the cause is. Just 3 week
  7. I'm working on my cousin's PC that's been broken for about a year. I spotted it in his car, and I inquired him about it. I said I'd take a look, seeing as his other friends couldn't find out what was going on either. Well, I plugged it in, flipped the PSU switch in the back, and the machine appeared to receive no power. I checked the internal connections, and unplugged everything excluding the P4 cpu power connector and motherboard connector. Still no luck. I thought maybe the power supply was bad. I changed it out with my faulty 300w codgen psu (faulty because the fan was bad; don't worry, I
  8. Agreed; I was at a friends house once, he had a wireless mouse. That thing would die like, every week, on a fresh set of batteries!!
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I did forget to mention I'm using a Logitech Marble mouse a friend got me as a Christmas present a little over a year ago, I rarely use it though, just can't get used to how it works, but it has operated flawlessly. And to Simonsells91.. <=/ That's no way to help me out.. "I have never had a mouse die. I think you're just unlucky" ah well, can't go against your opinion.
  10. I've had 2 optical mice I used to switch back and forth, simply because when one would stop working, the other would start working..and vice versa. It soon got to where they both stopped working completely. One of them was a fellowes mouse, had a nice 5 button setup to it, but the led won't come on at all now, unless you click a button, it just flashes.. The other was just some run-of-the-mill "mini-scroll" mouse. It worked very well for sometime, but like the Fellowes, it also started to give out. My question is, are mice supposed to die this quickly, in a years time? or am I j
  11. My sisters still aren't back in school, (they've missed 7 months now); with that in place, they find it necessary to come to my house and freeload off my computer. Downloading, burning cd's, you get the idea. Anyway, I find it perplexing that I often come home to all my printer paper just being..gone. around 30-50 sheets are loaded at a time, and I put a sign that specifically says NOT to print or steal my paper >_>. Anyway, I was wondering, I figure the only way to stop this problem is to either unplug my printer during the day, or password protect the printer, or just disallow ac
  12. Hate to say it, but that didn't work either. The drivers won't even show up in the add hardware dialog, unless I'm doing something wrong here..aye..I'm gonna check and see if it's an SP2 thing and boot into my other windows OS..
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