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    buying, building, fixing, and tweaking computers.<br><br>going to USC football games.

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    P4 2.8c GHz Abit IS7-E 800FSB 1GB Corsair XMS PC3200 Dual Channel Evga GeForce 6800 GT 80GB Western Digital SE Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Win Xp Pro
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  1. the name of the song is actually "so this is christmas"
  2. thank god. I would have moved to Europe if that idiot Kerry won.
  3. Na Na Nah Nah Na Na Nah Nah Hey Hey Hey Goodbye!!!!! Whos your daddy yankees? ya thats right Boston!!
  4. I dont particularly like them but the Lancer is a nice car and the Evolution is will smoke most everything in its class. as for Honda a Civic Ex will destroy a ford focus all around from gas milage to features
  5. Fix Or Repair Daily Honda, Toyota and Mitsubishi are all good they all have very low emisions, great gas milage and very reliable motors.
  6. -devmode "r_sm30path 1" add that to your shortcut command line to enable it
  7. look for a high milage honda or toyota they run forever one of my friends has a civic that just hit 225,000. the only thing he has ever had to replace in it was the timing belt and water pump once
  8. There isnt nor has there ever been a 100% confirmed release date. It could be anytime from now until the end of the year.
  9. nah my bottle of jack is holding up quite well right now eheh
  10. Ok first of all the whole power trip thing is what is getting old. Do you really have to hide behind your so called authority. No one ever said you needed the approval of a member to do something however, most of the members feel it would be nice for you to explain your actions instead of this being some sort of socialist dictatorship whereby your only explaination for doing anything is "because this is a private form and I can." This would be an awfully boring place w/o the members who are obviously extremely under valued.
  11. wasnt talking about any particular thread hammer just the thread closing in general. I just think I would be nice if the mods gave a good explanation about why they close one thats all. The one about the free mags for example there was a big debate about how it was advertising yet recommending a site to buy comp parts from somehow isnt. No one was forcing anyone to buy the mags just as no one forces you to buy from newegg when the say its good to get comp parts from. As I recal several of the threads asking why the original was closed were closed as well with little or no explanation except that they were close simply because the mod felt it was spamming.
  12. no offense intended pat its just my observation you tend to side with the mods most of the time which is your choice. While some of us feel we should at least be entitled to some sort of explaination for their actions. If you are going to be in some sort of authority postion and make decisions that affect the other users they should at least be willing to explain why they made it. Is that really so much to ask?
  13. dont waste your time k1. many attempts have been made to get some sort of explaination from the mods for closing threads alas they have all failed miserably. and dont mind pat its just the resident mod butt kisser.
  14. Nvidia doesnt actually make video cards just the gpu, so you do have an nvidia card. sounds like you have a driver problem try updating to 61.77 or one of the new betas 65.62 or 66.00 you can get all of the at http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?id=10
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