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  1. Very good idea with the twin fan and radiator combo. I wouldn't of thought of that. Got the motherboard wired up and the excess tied off, going to be working on the cpu cooler and gpu's next. Trying to figure out where to stick all the prewired led leads and unneeded case fan connectors. Probably have this thing up before dawn for testing. Placed an order for 4 more 120mm fans (delivered in 2 days) for doubling up on the gpu's and on the cpu cooler, and may just may make an extremely thick sandwich on top for one side of the cpu cooler.
  2. I was thinking of that, problem would be not enough hose to reach. But now that you mentioned it, may add fans to the front. May give me just that little bit of reach needed. Or maybe switching the dual radiator to the front as the hoses are a bit longer for the cpu. Going to have to measure it out.
  3. Understood and thank you. Going to have 4 120mm fans blowing into the case, 1 120 GPU radiator, a dual 120mm cpu radiator, and 2 120mm regular led's pulling air inside the case, 1 GPU radiator and a 120mm plain inside the case, and a 200mm blowing (up high) out the back and the 120mm (variable fan per power consumption) blowing out from the power supply(down low.) When I ran the test (bypassed the power since board wasn't in yet with just 2 120mmm blowing in and 200mm blowing out, with the pressure was pretty steady. Thinking it's going to go pretty good on positive pressure when the other fans in use. Been a fan of positive pressure as my main builds are for business computers for companies and been a heavy air cooled builder as never really had to worry about over use. Think I'm going to have to get familiar with water cooled as some companies are asking for specialized computers. Right now, I think the wildcard is going to be the radiator inside the case, especially when it is hooked inside the case with no real inlet. Looking at the case, I may have to remove the front fans plus hard drive rack and install the 2nd gpu cooler on the front if there is enough room. But going to get the build going with the current plan and monitor the heat under medium to high load. If the temp average is too high, I may have to go the second route. I didn't think I'd have so little options with such a large case.
  4. Problem I'm going to have with the bottom gpu is that the case is a solid glass side, so no real way to vent it directly in/out. And taking the 200mm fan on the back is questionable for me right now as I've always left a large fan on back to vent the case so decided to put the 2nd gpu radiator on the bottom with the removal of bottom bays. With the intake of the fan I moved from the top to the bottom front, hoping to pull enough air around to keep the 2nd gpu cool. I did try to measure to see if I could put the radiator and the moved fan onto the back, but the area was too small.
  5. thank you, had pulled the gpus out of the packing material a few mins ago and found out the information I had read about them was wrong. Or maybe for another version. What I read had said it needed a connection for the liquid cooled and the built in fan ran off power supply. Power supply came with 4 8 pin gpu's and 2 6+2 connectors. It was something I had worried about as well and had more cables ready for purchase. Been building on the case slowly today and pulled the fan off the top and installed it on the front hardware position giving me the cpu cooler and 1 gpu going through the top, and one gpu fan + radiator unfortunately in one of the bottom hard drive spots. Thought it would be a good enough case but more limited then I initially thought. Another problem I ran into was the board being way too small for the case, the right side of the board is left hanging unsupported. Going to have to either fabricate non-magnetic braces to stretch from the next offset or probably change out the board once I see it it is going to be a major problem.
  6. Much appreciated. Fooled myself into thinking it would be an easy piece together like my previous builds but now have plenty of connections needing to be plugged https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835181141 CPUC https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157796 MB https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233978 Ram and Cooler https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA6ZP61T0054 Video Card http://www.coolermaster.com/xresserver01-DLFILE-P1705230001ed4c-F1705230004d984.html case manual https://www.bestbuy.com/site/evga-1000w-atx-eps-80-plus-gold-modular-power-supply-black/6209800.p?skuId=6209800 Power Supply I was thinking, as the case is large enough with plenty of 5 slots, of putting in a separate fan monitor for just the GPU's themselves for getting better control of the gpu temps. First time actually working with water cooled GPUS and don't really want to mess it up.
  7. A little background, been building systems for roughly 20 years. Only stuck mainly with aircooled, due to the areas/types of work the systems were to be installed. Last couple years, I started installing CPU coolers. The problem I'm having now, I'm now building myself a "heavy use" system for personal use as I'm going to be sidelined for a year or so due to health issues. I bought myself a Cosmo II aniversery case and all new components. Took me awhile to get through the lack of documentation for the case (IE: fan and led prewired connections) but ran into a problem that I should of predicted beforehand. I purchased a Corsair liquid cooler for the CPU, which will go nicely on the header that is designated for it on the motherboard. Problem is, I also have 2 1080TI's that are hybrid cooled as well to deal with. When I looked at the motherboard specs, there are 4 headers for fans on the board. 1 for the CPU rated for liquid cooled with the remaining 3 as being low power rated for regular fans. My question is what would be the best way to wire the system up to use the liquid coolers on the video cards?
  8. lol Actually, I have it a little simpler then that. I have a three inch dryer duct running from the airconditioner to the right side top 120 mm hole (soprano case). On the inside of the panel, I have a fan tunnel from an old case from the duct to the freezer pro fan. I have less then a half in clearance between the tunnel and the cpu fan. Cut it a little close on that. The dryer duct has the wall clamps on either end so I have screw holes to mount it securely. Your idea worked perfectly, just had to modify to match the area that I use the system in. The duct does allow some cool air to escape, but gives you the flexibility to run it where needed. I'm interested in making it cooler though.
  9. I'm glad for your help, it just seems that I know enough about computers to know what I don't know. That AC idea was a good one and a real simple one if you have one laying around. I bought a new one this morning and have 1 of the three ducts blowing down into the system through tubing. And this one has a built in dehumidifier to allay my worries about too much moisture. My processor is running at 22 deg at idle now with the cores coming in under 30 . Under load, I ran under 40 deg running COD4 until the video card started to beep overheating. I don't have room to run another duct just for that and the placement doesn't allow for me to split the air coming off the first duct. That one I'm working on, I'm looking to replace it with something that runs cooler. You shouldn't have an overheat in the first hour of running a game. Any suggestions? Aaronlewis made the suggestion for the artic cooler and I had my doubts also, but it has worked perfectly, but it is kinda big. I'm thinking of upgrading the case to the Xaser vg4000 to clean-up the inside of my case + add room and allow me to add more fans to cool it.
  10. I bought the atic freexer and put silver on in place of the paste that was on the bottom of the heatsink. Running much cooler, 30 deg on the cpu with the cpu cores reading in the low to mid 30's on speedfan . Its a major diffrence for me, I'm also using tubbytubb's advice with the airconditioner unit with this and it drops it another 5 degrees (Thanks Tubbytubb, I'm buying a new portable air conditioner this weekend and trying it). That is probably due to the old conditioners age and the fact I have has it stored for over 10 years without maintaining it. The only problem it seems that I have left is the aux 1 reading on speedfan. I beleive it is the reading for the video card, I emailed the programmer but he hasn't replied yet. But in looking through the web, I saw that the 1950 Pro has a heat problem. Are there any suggestions for a fairly good video card to replace it? I play some newer games (cod 4, BF2, SW BF2 and the like) with a lot of older programs. Also I do video editing and cad on it. Thanks I felt like an idiot when I went to Tigerdirect and asked for the cooler. Come to find out, they didn't carry it. Next time I'll look before I drive over there. Ended up buying it from new egg
  11. My temp readings were wrong, I placed the sensors in the wrong area. I saw on another post about speedfan and used that to check my temps and the readins off of that has me at 56 deg cel for the cpu and 42 deg cel for the case(?). I'm going to try the 110 airconditioner though, I have one in the garage that isn't enough to cool the room, but it just might work enough for the computer. Right now I have a 120 in the front and back of the case and a 120 and 90 on the side that i drilled holes in for. It's just that the room is too hot during the summer (stays at about 90 deg f in there all day) and hopefully I'll be able to finish running the ducts into the bedrooms and finish them up so I can remodel the computer room. The house by the way is a 1911 famhouse with lath and plaster wall that is turning into a lot of fun to remodel. Water collers will work good? I was told that the room temp has to be below 75 f for it to work properly. I'm also going to Aurora/Naperville tommorow (Tigerdirect) so I can look at the Artic cooling freezer. I have to make sure it clears the heatpipes on the motherboard though. Thanks for the help so far
  12. I need help really bad before I fry my system. Due to the area that I have to keep my computer, I'm running 'normal' temps of 70-90 degrees c . The system is kept in an unconditioned room due to it is the only room that I can lock up to keep the kids off of it (I'll hopefully have the room air conditioned in a few more weeks.) I've been looking at case fans, cpu fans, liquid cooling, vga coolers; basically the the whole works! But I've been told that water cooling wouldn't be too effective due to the high heat in the room and that case fans and a better cpu fan would cool me down enough. I've been looking around and it seems that (in the reviews at least) every type of fan has good points and bad points. I'm just looking to cool it down enough where I won't be in danger of burning up. Hope you guys can help. I'm runing an ASUS P5P Deluxe Intel Quad core 2.4 1950 Pro Video Card 4 gig Ram 4 Hard Drives (2 Hot Swap) Thermaltake Saprano Case I run at 70-90 deg at idle and playing BF2 I can reach 105 easily Right now I have my case side open and a house fan directed in that drops my temps about 15-25 deg
  13. I went with most of the items through New Egg (processor, power supply, case, and cooling system), but a tech support at work let me know he can get me a ASUS P5K3 Board and Kingston Hyper X (?) DDR3 (2 x 1gb chips) for $400 total using the company account. After I bought the processor and the other items, he came buy with the packages and let me know the company is offering to pay a percentage of upgrade costs for home computers used for at-home work. (Wish he would of let me know before hand ) Is the P5k3 worth it, or should I still go with the Abit? Sorry it took so long to get back to you guys, but a project that was on the backburner suddenly became a priority.
  14. I saw the reviews of the intel vs amd quads, and had decided to stick with intel... but looking at the choices... How would you compare them and how can I decide what to install? I pretty much figured that a quad 1.8 would give me more power then a 3.2 hyperthreading. But if I build a new system, how can I be sure that I'll be able to leave the system as I build it for the next 2-3 years without getting bypassed by the new requirements required by programs? The last build I made was in Dec 2005 and I made it last until this time except for having to upgrade my video card (replaced when Airborne came out, and it's an AGP 8x card)and replacing my power supply (original install of June or July 1999, if I remember right).
  15. I Finally decided to upgrade, and have been blown away by the choices. The last time I upgraded was to a decent 3.2 intel with hyper-threading and 2 gigs ram. What would be the best choices for building anew. The computer will be used for work, of course (mainly graphics and video processing), but sometimes for gaming (the M.O.H. series, Call of duty 1,2, and 4, and quite a few older games). Thanks in advance, the system runs ok, but the requirements for some of the new editing software and games are pushing my current build to the max.
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