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    gateway m505 - 35gb HD, dvd/cdrw, 512mb ram
  1. Thanks IntelGuy, I really wasn't trying to rush you, I know you have to research some of these issues. I appreciate your looking into the problem. I am sorry it's something you couldn't resolve, your DiskMD product works wonderfully!!!! If you are able to resolve the issue, please let me know. Thanks, Titan
  2. I guess the last reply didn't go through - IntelGuy - I followed your instructions to the letter and after re-installing from the URL you sent and running, the program hung up at the same place - any other suggestions? I purchased the product, so it'd be nice if I could get it to run. Thanks, Titan
  3. I have attempted several times to run Optimize and each time it seem s to hang up while scanning for invalid CLSID's. Each time I have let the program run for about 15 or more minutes. I don't get any error messages and the program will close when I click the "X" close button. Am I not letting the program run long enough?? thanks, Titan
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