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  1. Ping-24 ms ------ Download- 9.10 mbps------- Upload - 3.87 mbps . Comcast ,Denver,Co. USA
  2. I see you have changed the site again! It's been a while since I was here .but I just noticed.Maybe I am a little slow. That's twice it's been changed since I became a member?Hope I get used to it.Just a comment.Thanks.
  3. I have sp 3.I reinstalled internet explorer 8 and that fixed the problem. Thanks.
  4. Just recently.I am thinking maybe I ought to remove internet explorer 8 and then re install it.
  5. In my toolbar under tools,when I click internet options,it just goes blank .It will not open. When you click there is nothing. I have windows xp pro and internet explorer 8.Also in my computer it will not open.There is only a small box to the left with a checkmark in my computer.
  6. Actually I found one in microsoft help.but cannot tell you exactly where it was.It is free and a complete scan and repair.Nothing has come back yet.If I need it again ,I have to search again for it,because like a dummy I didn't save it ,oops! I don't know what servers it will work with,but maybe the older windows.I have 2000 pro.It cleans the registry and whatever else and repairs it.Took me several hours to run it.You cannot run anything else with it.It won't let you.Just the program only.
  7. Thanks guys.Found a registry cleaner ,built into my computer,which I didn't know I had.Ran it ,cleaned up everything nicely,and immunized it.Works good enough for me.If you look hard enough you can find almost anything,I've learned.Thanks
  8. [/b]Are there any good free registry cleaners?I have Windows 2000 pro.
  9. I installed just a basic driver without a photo editing program.I have a photo editing program with my Hp scanner which I will use for the time being.Under invisible hardware ,in the wizard I noticed I had the same printer 3 times.Hopefully I only have one now.Maybe that makes a difference too.Thanks
  10. Tried that.No luck.Hp can't help me either.
  11. Have no error messages.Just cannot use of the program Like I would like to.Have windows 2000.
  12. I don't think I have net framework 3.O No error messages just cannot use program like I want to.
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