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  1. I got it going but I am not sure what I did to get it going. The proxy was checked when I got it going but I did change it as a proxy isn't needed. I attempted to delete everything in cache and all that. Even though power management is not in use I did find a check by allow Windows to turn off network adapter to save power and I unchecked that,not sure as I say what I did but I did reboot after playing with it and operation normal. I also went in to device manager and everything was normal there as well.
  2. OK, how do we fix this? Internet working fine for the computer I am on but the new one with Firefox and win 7 has been working fine but today when I boot it on it gives me The proxy server is refusing connection. Where are the proxy settings? All settings match the computer I am working on. All I can come up with is that some program that I have downloaded has done something to the internet access.
  3. Do what country boy has suggested but something else to double check is to make sure that if you have removed the processor for any reason check and see if there are any bent pins on the cpu. My gut call right now is a power supply but sillier things can be involved. Also is there an interlock of any type involved with the case?
  4. I don't understand your response but what I think your saying is that with the built in motherboard audio, the ide cable will give sound to where it needs to go? I will have to experiment and see I guess.
  5. OK, a question regarding legacy equipment and Win 7. Since this motherboard has an IDE port I am going to try and use two DVD/CD drives from another computer and my question is what about the older computer audio lead from the one drive to the audio card. Will I actually need to use the older PCI audio card to have sound or will the built in motherboard audio work?
  6. OK, remember this thread about the Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 and the AMD FX-4100. It's back and its up and running. Everything seems ok at this point. Will keep you posted.
  7. Yes, I plan to reinstall Windows but I don't believe it will give me those options to do that.
  8. Will Windows even allow me to format the hard drive or tell me that it has an operating system on it and can't do anything? Also if I attempt to use a flash drive as D: drive, can I then tell it to format drive C: Will that work?
  9. What will be the best way to reformat my hard drive that has windows seven on it? Whats the best procedure?
  10. Yeah that's what I plan on doing. Is there any real person to talk to at Newegg that would exchange it for a better board and pay the difference?
  11. OK for whats its worth, The new motherboard an exact replacement is doing the same thing. It will not post unless you clear cmos. It will not load defaults and it will not save and exit. It just goes to blank screen and nothing. Completely fed up.
  12. Hey guys need advice. In bios my hard drive is detected as enable sata as native ide. Is this what I want or do I enable AHCI function?
  13. The not posting and the blue screen are two separate issues.
  14. OK, UPDATE TIME! My old board arrived back at New Egg yesterday and everything approved for the replacement which will be on its way. The board is an exact replacement but I have learned that this board has had post issues before after reading reviews on another vendor site for this board. Anyway I am still trying to pinpoint where things went wrong with the last attempted installation and I truly believe that the blue screen issue was a BAD security update from MS. Something triggered that blue screen and I don't feel it was hardware. Regarding the bios, THE BIOS RECOGNIZES THE HARDWARE SETUP
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