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  1. THANK YOU!!! mme really appreciate your help
  2. Thanks again guys for your great help. i recently reformat my PC for the first time with the help from my friend on line..: ) i didn't save my webcam and printer drivers before the reformat and didnt have the software pitstop helped me find them my lost drivers...lol i just finish installing Paintshop Pro 9, Not to long ago i posted here that i needed some paint brushes i can't find my old post,i need the paintshop pro9 brushes again..THANX
  3. the install went successfully THANKS!! i scan a pic,and the PIC went TIF , It don't work to post on my webpage is there anyway i can change from TIF to JPEG IMAGE? or PNG
  4. brokenwindow

    try this

    Wademan typed "in" mme confused you this time ehh...lol how did u find this trick mme???...lol
  5. u guys are driving me crazy was getting a lil confused here..lol Thanks mme it's downloading right now hope it works, kinda slow tho
  6. im looking for drivers for my printer the make is HP psc1210,,,,all in one Not sure if this is a model number ...SDGDA- 0201..that's what i found on the sticker on the back of the printer..Can anyone help me THANKS
  7. Thank you Guys!!! the drivers for my webcam worked! the download took about an hr...is that slow??? i will think about doing another reformat mme my pc is ok just a lil slow on updates and downloads thanks again stormy and mme...
  8. ok Thank you!! i'll check from time to time, Good Luck on your search!
  9. Thank God!! i found you!!! ...lol this is new to me...
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