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  1. You say you can't download and run spybot or adaware to get rid of spyware and adware and although the following sites are strictly for on-line trojan scans, it won't hurt to scan your system for them also: http://www.trojanscan.com/ http://www.anti-trojan.net/en/onlinecheck.aspx
  2. If you're using a firewall, disable it and try to download with it off. If you are able to download with it off, then it's just a question of reconfiguring your firewall to allow you to download. Also, are you using a download program?. Some sites don't work very well with them when trying to download.
  3. And empty your temp files. When they fill-up, it can often cause problems when downloading. That's your temp internet files as well your temp files.
  4. Click on Start, Run, type in "dxdiag" without the quotes, and hit enter, this will bring up the DirectX Diagnostic Tool... this tool identifies the version of DirectX you have and also will allow you to diagnose some problems you may be having with directX... click on the more help tab then troubleshooting to see if it addresses the problem you're having.
  5. Ryan, I gotta' go with thehulk18 on this one. Try uninstalling the game in safe mode. But I have a question. I was just wondering what video card you're using, since you say your comp only has a 10gb hard drive, I'm sure it's fairly old as far as computers go. Check your video card and see how much ram it has, then check the game to see if your video card can do any justice to running this game. Afterall you said it was a "graphics intense game." Just wondering if you could get it installed, if you'd be able to play it comfortably. hmmmm.... just a thought....
  6. Here's the site for "Hijackthis" http://www.tomcoyote.org/hjt/ After downloading and installing, scan and post your findings back here for someone to help you with what should be deleted. Once your free of browser highjacker's, go to this site and download Browser Highjack Blaster: http://www.wilderssecurity.net/bhblaster.html
  7. Maybe I'm missing something here, I thought dave was explicit in explaining to you that L1 cache is a constant and part of your processor and as such, does not change in size... Also, if you were to look closely at dave's avatar you would also see that it states "Support Your Local Gator Hunter".... an attestment to the fact that dave not only hates spyware and adware, but will seek out and destroy it, where ever it may lurk... dave is also an Administrator and member of the anti-spyware brigade. So, in answer to your question, "NO" the Gator software will not be loaded onto your computer by PC Pitstop....nor will any other spyware or adware...
  8. Check-out these sites for boot disks: http://www.geocities.com/k_semler2002/bootdisk.html http://www.bootdisk.com/ http://www.mybootdisks.com/
  9. white_cloud_8, yeah!, ya got it!!!!
  10. Inside a computer we have an element, the Processor, that usually is very fast, and another one, the memory, that is not so fast. The problem is that this two elments have to communicate quite often. To solve this problem, PCs include a certain amount of very fast "temporary storage areas" called "memory caches". We have two main categories of caches: Level 1 cache, and Level 2 cache. The Level 1 cache is very fast, because it runs at the same speed as the processor, but also very small, because it resides inside the processor itself. Level 2 cache runs slower, because it runs at system speed, but is larger, because it normally resides in the motherboard. Because level 1 cache resides inside the processor, it, by necessity, will always be smaller than level 2 cache. I have never seen level 1 cache above 128 but level 2 cache, because it is housed on the motherboard has greater possibilities in the future for even larger capacities. So, level 1 cache is faster but limited in size. Level 2 cache is slower, but has no real size limitation. In any event, as stated earlier, the two cache's must communicate with each other often. To do without either would slow your comp considerably. Does anyone remember the first Celeron's without L1 cache and how slow they were?. Hope I didn't get too wordy, and that if it does not answer your question for you, it at least gives you a better understanding of the workings of the two cache's Sen...
  11. If you have set your Bios to boot from the cd-rom first, but don't have a windows cd in the drive that you want your system to boot from, you're going to get the boot from cd-rom failure message. I have my system set up to boot from my floppy drive first, usually your A: drive. Second, from my C: drive, or if you dual boot, the partition you want your system to boot to. Third, your alternate os boot partition, or your cd-rom. I only set my bios to have my system boot from one of my cd-rom drives first, if I'm having a problem and want to reach the recovery console, do a repair install, or want to format my drive and reinstall windows. By the way, why would you purposely set your comp to boot from the cd-rom drive, then not put a bootable cd in the drive???. just curious... Don't know if I've helped any, but I've tried, Happy Surfin', Sen...
  12. Sensuelo


    Check this winguides page to see if it's of any value to you for time synchronization in Windows2000/XP: http://www.winguides.com/registry/display.php/1118/ Hope it helps, Happy Surfin', Sen...
  13. Hi dan chan, read your post and recommend you visiting this site to make sure your cable connection is optimized: http://www.speedguide.net/ When you get there, look on the left-hand side and scroll down to TCP/IP Analyzer. Access it and let it analyze your internet cable connection. Then go back to the left-hand side and download TCP/IP Optimizer. Following the recommendations of TCP/IP analyzer, if need be, optimize your cable connection. Hope the info is helpful to you. Happy Surfin', Sen... http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...ZKFJWCCDW0SWQGB
  14. You're right x5dr... in my haste, and with reading so many posts, I totally overlooked the obvious. But I will try the site you mentioned for a 3d benchmark and see if the numbers really do even out. Thanks, Sen...
  15. I have that card, and yes, it should be performing faster. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...Y80WWCCDW0S4QKB I use GeForce Tweak Utility with a little o'cing. Sen...
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