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  1. My Computer "Cindy" The love of my life.. even the rl one knowns it
  2. I think im going to have to keep one os for games and one for printing ect on..
  3. from what ive read from people sending emails to lexmark.. a good amount of the printers they are not making 64bit drivers for.. or thats what ive read
  4. I decided to install 2 os on my hard drive.. normal xp pro I get 130 on my pc pitstop graphics card score.. but on 64bit I get 370 .. only problem is I cant run my printer drivers on 64bit os.. what do you think I should do?
  5. I have a 19" dell ultrasharp flat panel I bought for like $340 that gives me wood everytime I look at it =D
  6. pause break didnt work... It just rebooted real fast anyway... ;( any other methods?
  7. every few min into a game .. I get a blue screen that says "exception check" with other #'s and stuff.. before I can read it all my computer reboots.. Ive had this problem for a few months now and Id really like to fix it if possible. Most the time it happens in games but every now and then its just normal use. Im running on windows xp home
  8. Ive done it more a min or 2....many times... I think its something else.
  9. cable- 2.5mbit xp home no network mcafee firewall road runner
  10. Internet ConfigurationDescription Your Results Bandwidth Down 2587 Kbits/sec Bandwidth Up Not tested Average Ping 0 ms Ping Loss 100% how can I fix this...
  11. Ive read on sites that it is impossable to clean the yellowness from a white monitor(caused from age with light ect.) Well ive debating painting.....j\k actually im wondering if there is anything I can do? MystOne
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