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    philips iqon , pentium 3 2.4 ghz , 120g hd, 512 ram
  1. its a philips iqon pentium 4 . it is a iqon system recovery disc.i have tried "last known good config" but it was exactly the same .it loads up and says something about it cant find windows key or something then logs off. when i goto restore when in safe mode , a blank window opens but thats it. any ideas?
  2. i posted a problem ive got a couple of days ago. and ive tried doing what was suggested but cant get anything to work.the story is i deleted some stuff that a system mechanic program told me too. now i cant get windows to work ,i cant do a restore , the only thing i can do is goto safe mode. i found the original system restore disk which is windows xp home sp1 .i was hoping that i could just install some old drivers or something to get windows to be able to do a restore but it wont install anything as my windows version is newer than the one on the disk. now i have virtually no knowledge of pc
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