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  1. It's Winkey, then U, then U again; the keys aren't held down.
  2. Some replies here seem to suggest that we should ignore the rudeness and instead consider the kind of day the support person has had, how their personal life is currently. Do them a favor, don't bother them with your petty problems and questions.
  3. Lol, I'm on 31.2 Kbps dial-up and I downloaded and listened to it. Does that mean I have too much time on my hands, or a lot of patience?
  4. What a ! I wouldn't have been so nice. Do they monitor those calls for quality control? I think I'd ask for her supervisor. Thanks for recording the call for our enjoyment, though
  5. Hi, I've been using sudo's keyboard method for a long time; it's a lot quicker than having to grab the mouse to click a shortcut Winkey, U, U, and it's done.
  6. Hi, Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 was the last version to include the Animation Shop - I keep that version installed for that reason, though there are other good animated GIF programs out there, like Easy GIF Animator. I currently use Paint Shop Pro 9 (I didn't like many of the changes to version 10 and 11 after Corel took over the program from Jasc). The best icon creation program I've found so far over the years is Axialis IconWorkshop. It has an excellent interface design, and you can create icons with multiple sizes, with XP drop shadows if you want, in no time whatsoever; it also makes 256x256 Vista icons if you need them. Superb.
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