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  1. It truly does suck. I kinda miss being here but I hardly turn on the computer these days. I have continued doing charitable things with a group in my housing place that makes quilts for donation to veterans, premies, women's shelters, etc. We work from donated materials, so all we do is cut the fabric and create quilts to share. I hope everyone still here stays strong and healthy. I probably don't know many of them anymore, but let the know I said HEY!
  2. NOOOOO.... omg... I've been gone a long time. I am SO very sorry to hear of his passing.
  3. shoot... reading this thread and it hit me like a brick.... paused my folding because of high winds - didn't want bad folds if the electric went out. SO, long story short, I forgot to turn them back on again til now, lol.. Thank you for the compliment Zuhl... When I have gaps between my points per day, it is cause I have stopped the cpu one from folding. After brief detective work, I realized THAT was the one creating all the heat. With just the 2 others running it is cooler, quieter; and usually the cpu points are the small ones so ... eh
  4. I have no idea, sorry.... just wanted to say I noticed how GREAT you are folding!! Awesome numbers!
  5. I know how to attach images.... I replied to you in a PM.... it is just not letting me do images or <> text boxes at all. If you scroll back, you'll see I did images here. I will try to do the addition.txt file into a post on the folding forum. If that works I will PM you and let you know what post.....
  6. I may have (hopefully) found where the trigger core-file was located.... OR It was just the place it was scheduled to launch from .... I may need to locate the core FILE, but so far, no pop-ups have taken place since deleting the tasks. there were 2 groupings of "tasks, files" that were deleted... Thank you for your help. I hope this ends it, but will let you know.
  7. still the error ... and the only "add" I see is at the bottom: "add reply"
  8. Now getting error there: upload skipped (Error IO) ... for file uploading....I did not see "add" once I clicked to upload tried the < > for text scroll box and it sits for several several minutes and says "saving post" on the bottom right. after I click "post" 12:28 still "savin" .. so it has been at least 20 minutes 12:47 ... refreshed page to get rid of it... it was still just trying to Save the post
  9. weird... I didn't click to upload a picture. I clicked to "attach file" AND I also did the < > to add a text block, but apparently my post did not go thru????? This is all very strange
  10. an attachment is not showing for me... is it there for you?
  11. trying again... renaming it It is Notepad... if it still doesn't post, that may be why?
  12. Copy/Paste is no problem................ the amount of text is the problem. Tech's don'e like it when the cup runneth over... and they have pages and pages of log to look thru Using the more options ... I STILL do not see an option for pasting text into a scolling option box.... and it was one of the things I had tried on my own before asking. I'm turning 70 this year... a litte more exact help would be appreciated. Earlier I tried the < > things and almost got blocked .... I had no idea what they were...
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