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  1. no problem thanks for the try anyway may I will get more luck if I wait here if not will try somewhere else good lick and thanks
  2. yes I always do this first and when the program is installed send it in a folder on a second drive for safe keeping..now I tried to update WINRAR and got another error message different one this time any idea....?
  3. thanks for your answer..but when I click run on the program .exe (either one )I get that error message.. CPUZ did not download as a zip file but as exe prpgram so I dooble click to open and same error message ,,can you fathom that or any body else as an idea thanks
  4. I am trying to install 2 program : cpuiz-151.setup and the update of software informer (siinst.exe) and each time I click on run i get an error message like this : " unable to execute file in temporary directory.Set up was aborted. error5: Access is denied." i am the administrator on my pc ..only me use it and there is no other account.. I am running window vista home premuim . would some body have an idea of why I am getting this message ..I laso get an error 5 message when I want to play a game called "air conflict" . at that time the message says : "runtime error 5 : invalid p
  5. ok thanks for the help ..the new link has been posted..thanks for the help
  6. sorry but i did not post the new test..how should i do this...thanks
  7. a test result told me to desable super cookie..went ot their first steps in regedit... could not find GUID in the first step( through ...\5.0\user agent\post platform)....found some thing in ....\internet setting \user agent \platform .....:SIMBAR={370A9A75-4310-11DE-8037-001BCF4DB7E9}... was wondering is it the one to delete??????????? thanks for an answer
  8. hello stormy13, I never installedDVD suite and power dvd ..they came with a program ..I never use them..suppose I could uninstallthem...as for Roxio 10 I use it to tranfer my digital image into DVD..nevr got a problem there .. so What I wll do do is uninstall DVD suite and PowerDVD and see what happen..just let me know if it is th
  9. Hello stormy13, sorry to bother you but did you see the picture of the BSOD and can you decypher it please. thanks waiting to hear from you
  10. well, well the game would not load ...tryind to find content.. so I put another gane "blazing angels 2" and got of course the Famous BSOD....as the pc did not hold on this ..I took a picture that you will find at the link below <a href="http://s540.photobucket.com/albums/gg329/frenchyinpaddyland/?action=view&current=CaptureJPGBSOD1-1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i540.photobucket.com/albums/gg329/frenchyinpaddyland/CaptureJPGBSOD1-1.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> or at this one Now just in case you cannot read it properly the main thing written was
  11. I do not know if i am doing it well but each time I desable automatic restart..it does not stay on..did it ...went about doing something else ..reopened it to check before I try the game and it was enable..so i disable it ..closed it ..reopen and again it was enable...any idea of how to go about this ... thanks
  12. so if I copy just the technical information that is enough ,..and I just have to reboot manually to restat the pc ..did I got it right ..your are vrey patient and i thank you for it
  13. Hello , thanks for your answer ,but before I go ahaed just a little prcision.....it might sound stupid....must I write all that blue scren on a piece of paper or is there a kind of "snipping " that can be used thanks for the precision... just found something while reading your link..open my advanced system setting ..startup and recovery found "disable automatic restart" ... and beside a box to check(?) "write an event to the system log".... would this write down everything somewhere to recover later on...and where thakns very much for your answer
  14. Well,Well did everything right ..all drivers installed everything working weel...bur when I put the game in the dvd drive screen went all blue with a lot o writing and numbers(0X00000......) went to fast to read and the pc rebooted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you have any idea what went wrong ( tha t game "brother in arms" is vista ready..it says so at the back on the PC System requirements.... don't know what to do.have you any help? thanks PS ; I tried a game tha tis already on the drive "air conflict" no dvd for this one and it is working perfectly.......
  15. hello again well so far so good ..was also on Guru3d website ...was trying to get as much help as possible and as the saying goes do not put all your eggs in the same basket ...well between you and them got all the program updated perfectly ..just a bit afraid at the moment to put the game in the dvd drive and try it but guru3d wesite told me to install -http://downloads.guru3d.com/GeForce-...load-2155.html (GeForce ForceWare 185.20 Vista 32 Bit ) which a Beta release...apparently so far so good The NVIDIA Control Panel is working fine now just need to find out why Driver Detecti
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