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  1. No I have Windows Xp media centre. And yes I put the express code in, and the driver specifically lists this chipset and windows xp media centre edition.... I also unpacked the driver and manually installed it, it did install but shows the same driver in device manager, whereas the update says it a much newer one...
  2. Ok tried once again to download those drivers and this is the error I got: "The driver being istalled is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the approriate driver from the computers manufacturer. Setup will now exit" I get this everytime I try to update the video drivers. And it lists the correct chipset in the users guide, and yes I have downloaded KB888111.exe high def audio patch...
  3. Well I figured why the game runs so bad... based on OpenGl and this card does not support hardware gl rendering.. so... looks like its time for a new video card when I get the cash.. Does anyone know where I can get drivers for this video card to see if that helps any? I can't seem to find any... its a dell dimension E520 with the intel G965 chipset? Thanks Jimmy
  4. Ok I ran it on 3dmark 06 I am currently downloading 3dmark 05 just to see if it makes any difference, looks like this poor system can't handle it..lol Results (3dmark 06): http://service.futuremark.com/orb/resultan...amp;UID=8717656 edit: 3dmark 05: http://service.futuremark.com/orb/resultan...amp;UID=8718880
  5. I don't know if this helps any... but I ran a 3d card test and and after a stress test and a 5min benchmark test came up with an average speed of 229 fps. Don't know if this gives any further insight... Thanks Jimmy
  6. I have reinstalled the game, joined low ping games, checked my pings during gameplay, and the highest I have seen is 88ms, I set all graphics and sound to lowest quality. The game is patched with the latest patch I could find. wdeydwondrer what does typing "fps1" do? Also I tried playing the single player game on the computer, (not online, just playing against the computer) and its still choppy, not quite as bad, but still enough to make the game hard to play, so I guess that eliminates network issues.... I tried finding better video card drivers, but everytime I d/l the drivers for the chipset, it says incorrect chipset, or card not support by drivers.. even tho I got the ones for the chipset I have
  7. I was thinking that, but according to the pit scores this one smokes my ati 9600
  8. Hi everyone I am back for help again... I am currently using my girlfriends computer, and it is not a gaming computer by any means, but I figured playing an older game like medal of honour spearhead online should be no problems, but it is... the game is unbeivably choppy (online and local games) theres about a 5 second delay between key press and action, I am wondering if anyone knows how I can speed things up a bit... I even tried running the game on bare minimums.. low graphics etc etc. I have tried disabling themes, everything, I don't know what else to do.. not a serious issue, but its one of my favourite games and I miss playing it, my computer (left at home when I moved ) can run it no problem. By the way, if anyone plays it I am Jimmy0182 so give me a shout! Thanks in advance Jimmy EDIT: test results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=781NFW1YPWWSLERJ
  9. Thanks for all the help.. nothing seems to work, but on the upside, I just got a new job so I don't have to worry about those e-mails anymore.. Once again... A big thanks to everyone at the pit!!!
  10. Unfortunately none of the solutions worked
  11. hello everyone at the pit! Just a quick question if I may.... I am sure there is a very simple solution I am overlooking, but I am confused... I had a lot of messages saved in O.E. as I am currently out of work and was keeping track of what resumes I had sent, and what replies I had gotten. So this morning OE (Outlook Express) asks me do I want to compact folders, I normally click no, but in my half awakeness I clicked ok... now I come to find my messages, and all folders except for deleted items are empty. I went through every option I could think of with no results. So I was just wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction, as you can imagine my current situation has got me a little stressed, so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jimmy
  12. He needs a case fan not a case.... What motherboard are you using... maybe with that info someone could tell you what fan you need Jimmy
  13. Hehe.. Well I am not on here much so I can't say that I know much about you but have a safe trip, take it easy and enjoy your new toy
  14. Glad to hear that it was an easy solution.... and never think of it as wasting our time.... I think I speak for everyone here when I say its fun and enjoyable helping or at least trying to help a fellow pit member out Well hope that you guys enjoy the game Good luck and goodnight Jimmy
  15. We cahnged her cd/dvd drive to PIO as recommended for certain games but her HDD was set to DMA.....
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