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  1. I got this x850 pro and its pretty fast but of course i want to OC it the memory is the 1.6 so i got it from 500 to 608 with no extra cooling...however the gpu only goes from 500 to about 512 stable the whole thing is i set the fan up to go at 100% after it hits 60 degrees and while OCing the temp does not go up yet i get artifacts anyway..what is the OK temp to run these GPUs anyway?..some ppl say theirs is runnin at like 70 degrees is this normal? any 1 know what the problem could be or u think i may of just got a bad GPU? Also im thinkin about unlocking the extra pipelines but i havent decided if its worth the risk or not THNX
  2. It looks to me like they are using terrorism to get what they wanted all along, even if it means breaking what a democracy is all about. Happening in the US too. I heard they passed a law in the US. If they think you are a terrorist they can hold you as long as they want and you are not allowed to contact anyone, not even a lawyer.
  3. i use adsense on my site...bad thing is u really dont know how much ur gonna get per click..good news i u get paid per click..lol it auto searches the content of ur website and brings up ads relating to it other then that i dont really understand ur question
  4. its thru a referal program..shows how much google wants microsoft gone =) https://www.google.com/support/adsense/bin/...py?answer=27406
  5. I just got this game myself and its UNREAL Most games when u see a enemy u can just bend around the corner and wait for him to come back, cant do that here The enemys are CONTSTANTLY on the move...you dont know where they will come up on you and WILL flank you so watch your back! I was trying to decide whos AI was better..Half-life2 or FEAR, the thing they did to fear was build stages AROUND the AI so the bots can show thier skill. In half-life ya they got good AI but the stages dont allow the BOTs to do their thing You dont know what your missing until you nail about 10 enemys in the face with the nail gun and after all the fighting is over u can see the nail going thru thier head and sticking them to the wall...I like countin the headshots and see how many i can get thru thier glass on thier helmit. The physics are lackin a bit tho,u cant manupulate objects like you can in HL. Also the bodies bounce around and move way after thier dead and sometimes they go INTO the wall a little bit and it looks very odd, but the fun factor is WAY higher in this game in comparison I was in the watchers area and one of them tried to pop me, i put it in slow mo mode and popped 2 shotgun shots in him. The first killed him and before he hit the ground i shot him again throwing him into the air and causing him to bounce off the roof For me the game runs great i got all the settings on HI with the 9700 pro with a amd 2800 clocked to 2.4, i just turned off shadows and everything is beautifull and i NEVER get a slow down..not even when thier alot of enemys, most engines bog when something like that happens It does suck turnin off shadows tho. The shadows are a element to the game that helps you I havent had this much fun in a game in a long time...cant u tell?
  6. well im about to hit 50k so =P ok ok im jealous so what Hydro
  7. lookin at some of the benchmarks thats a awsome deal..it doubles the FPS vrs my 9700 pro it alot of instances..chances are itll be gone by the time i have the money for it =/ thnx for the find
  8. check froogle thier like 3 dollars apart for the cheapest
  9. ok im going to throw a wrench in the mix i play alot of eq2 and plan on gettin bf2...id like a card with 256...id love the 6600gt IF it had 256 memory but something about driver conflicts or what not they said they would never release 1 =( ok other options u guys have around the 200-250 range that has 250mb? i saw the x800gt..its the same price..and out does the 6600gt from the site that i saw...they did the powercolor cuz its rumored to be a better OCer do u think the x800gt is a good idea?...i just just checked..i can only find pci-e..they comin out with a agp version? PS it is agp..i didnt add it cuz i didnt think it was important but i should of added it anyway also ill add i have a 9700 pro in my system now...its havin some problems with the powerconnector and i think its bout time for a new 1 anyway..id like a considerable boost from my 9700 pro of course
  10. ive been lookin thru video cards for a few hours and i think ive decided to get the 6600gt which is the best version of the 6600gt for OCings and such but dont crank the price up much higher then the base? also if u have any recomendations for another video card thats based about the same price do tell =)
  11. here is 1 reason strait out of the horses mouth for the delays "The next days, our group of 8 walked most of the day, made contact with New Orleans Fire Department and were eventually airlifted out by an urban search and rescue team. We were dropped off near the airport and managed to catch a ride with the National Guard. The two young guardsmen apologized for the limited response of the Louisiana guards. They explained that a large section of their unit was in Iraq and that meant they were shorthanded and were unable to complete all the tasks they were assigned."
  12. i dont get all the beef..its just a word..if it isnt directed at some 1 with intention to hurt i dont think its a problem also if said in public it should be kept toned down for those that it offends..but its just words
  13. i saw this video on a website of this happening...was curious for the full story thanx
  14. if he can do it on command they need to get some equipment out there to see if hes for real and find out WTH it really is
  15. not that ive seen..all it has is the multiples..i downloaded the new bios and its the same..however i did fix my little siren problem(long story)
  16. i have this memory here http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-145-456&depa=0 its runnin at 173..its 200 mhz memory..i got the timings at cas 2..ive past the prime95 test for 8 hours these memory settings are already really low..u think i could drop them all down 1 more timing??? ..i may push this CPU a lil farther too so put that into consideration i seriously doubt the memory will ever get to 200 cuz my mobo wont let me set just the FSB =(..i got this barton 2800 runnin at 3000 speeds and the memory is already faster then the 3000s simply cuz of the timings..but of course..i want ...MORE
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