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  1. I had the same problem. I could take files FROM windows on linux. But I could never put files on to windows. Personally I tried changing the permission in linux on the drive and it said that I wasn't allowed. When I try to send files over it says I need permission..lol
  2. Next time that happens and you step on it sideways just FALL. When you fight it makes it worse. Just let your leg go limp and then it will only be a little sore.
  3. I dont have to know where they are. The spammer spammed this forum and left 3 emails for contact. So i thought it would be cool if this person had about 600 spam emails a day.
  4. I would like to find a place that you all KNOWINGLY sells peoples emails so I can get the spammer back. SO help me out
  5. hydrotaoist


    Well for me its none because everytime I try to install it don't do anything I tried crossover today it was pretty cool. It even got flash 8 to work on Linux browsers. However it messed up all the other pluggins
  6. I use Opera. I personally think for ease of use their is not a better browser out there. I don't know how secure it is tho. It also opens up alot slower then the other browsers.(On linux) The bitorrant support rocks too, works rather well at that. You can also open up new tabs very easy, The home key is a cool idea too. If you try it you will see what I mean. As far as firefox goes the more popular it became and the more crap they added to it the slower it got. Also alot of websites would lag while scrolling thru it. With other browsers this didn't happen. So along with that and the known security risks I don't see any other reason to continue using firefox.
  7. Why wasn't I invited? You were scared I'd show you up on Linux?
  8. Because the drugs were spread out thru the bus they said it wasn't a attempt to distribute. Plus everyone knows he dont NEED to sell it he has plenty of money
  9. OR we could just not have wars at all. We don't have to win a war fast if its never started.
  10. http://www.i-am-bored.com/bored_link.cfm?link_id=18394 Being able to fire three bullets at one time BEFORE recoil is unreal. Look how close the bullets are when its fired.
  11. To keep this from being long and boring I had to install windows a second time so I actually tested IE and firefox. I thought it didnt matter because I had to redo it anyway. I went to a website thats known for loading your PC with loads of crap. I first tested IE and I was hit with 49 differnt spycrap. Just from GOING TO THE SITE. I didnt download anything. I was like dear god IE does suck. It was takin too long to figure out how to get rid of it so I just reformated and installed windows again. SO this time I download firefox left all settings on default Just like IE. I have to admit firefox did do better then IE firefox got 48 spycrap. Moral of this story is WHO CARES. I use IE7 and firefox. I normally chose IE 7 because firefox takes about 1.5 seconds to open and IE takes about .5 seconds. All estimated of course.
  12. Stare at the dot in the center the picture will change to what looks like a color pic but its actually Black and white. It worked so well i thought it was a trick till i took my eyes off center http://www.i-am-bored.com/bored_link.cfm?link_id=17874 HAHA sorry gettin ready for work.
  13. The way they make it seem is its basically like looking at a 3d tv screen. I dont see how this is possible but it is amazing. It also makes cars shut off and makes planes crash. To top it off the French want it!
  14. http://www.baytoday.ca/content/news/details.asp?c=6657 Their is no proof that it is real but could make strong impacts both good and bad.
  15. Cheetos. Their cheesy goodness I can never get enough of. I ration myself to one bag every two weeks so im not on the corner with a "Will work for cheetos" sign.
  16. http://www.newscientist.com/channel/fundam.../mg18524911.600 I think i seen something similar on here..hope its not a repost
  17. Woot my home town was most popular for PCPITSTOP...i spread the word good
  18. Ok i got the suse DVD eval version non 64 bit version thnx for the help. Now i have a tough question. I want to network with a windows XP pc. I have the the nic card settings correct and i still cant get a internet connection from the main PC. Since i know very little about linux any one have a walk thru/program/script that can get this working? THNX
  19. hydrotaoist

    suse on DVD

    I took all the data from the 5 disc set and made it into one. First of all i want to know if this is ok because some of the directory files were not written over (I kept the original dir file on the first disc. I have made a boot disc from a normal CD will it work the same with a DVD. I searched online and didnt find what i wanted Also to make it easy any one know a link to the DVD set instead of the five disc? I found the DVD link finally now i just need to know if it will work the same as a normal CD for the boot option
  20. Bush is trying everything he can to screw up everything Americans have worked so hard to get. Why dont the Bush fans crawl out of their holes. Where are you guys now?
  21. Its not just ATI drivers. Alot of programs and other drivers are the same way. Its not how the drivers run its the fact that its too hard for them to be installed. Sounds like your just passing the buck
  22. I would prefer to use linux. I tried it but it took me 2 days to install a ATI driver, and even then it STILL didnt work right. Looking up instructions i found three different ways to do it. How their can be three different ways to install one driver on the same OS is beyond me. Each attempt after it failed i had to completely reformat and start over. Also on each one of those three different methods to install the driver it would say something like try this and this and if that dont work try this and if your still having a problem try this. On windows i double click and reboot. I prefer the reboots instead of all the hassles. Have a easy way to install drivers and other APPs and ill be happy to drop windows for good. For basic web browsing is fine for alot of people. But if i cant play games on it i dont want it.
  23. Last i checked Roxio wasnt capadable with Samsung drives. I know this because my last samsung drive came with it, couldnt get it to work then when i checked it out Roxio doesnt even support Samsung!!
  24. thnx for the reply..since u have the x850xtpe whats the difference between the PE and non? i looked all over for that info last night when i was trying to decide which bios to go with and couldnt find it i have my video card on the same line as 1 of my fans do u think this can be the problem?..also u think maybe a 350PSU isnt enuff?
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