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  1. I know this forum is about dead but this is my home stomping grounds. For anyone able hit up the folding because they have prioritized for the Corona virus. This is the real reason this project was started and it is something that can have a immediate impact on all of our lives.


    So those who haven't folded in awhile, kick it back up again and lets knock this virus out.

  2. Is it the standalone or the MOD? The SA is alpha and does not play well on most systems as it has not been optimized. I heard massive systems struggle at 20 fps in cities.


    They have many tweaks online that you can go to. The best boost is dropping the viewable distance. You dont need to see as far as that game allows. Most of the settings are in a cfg file in the game directory.




  3. OK well now I'm just confused. I thought dual channel worked very much like raid where it pulled data off both at the same time doubling the speed. But because of this it used 8 gigs of memory as 4 gigs. The last mobo I had increased my speed with dual channel but cut my memory in half unless something has changed?


    I have two four gig chips of g-skill. gigabyte 890fxa-ud5. CPUz reads both the memory chips just fine.

  4. I understand dual channel is faster but it cuts the amount of memory I have in half. If 4 gigs is enough to run all games then I wouldn't mind.

    I tried multiple different slots with the memory but it always uses dual channel. I guess I'm out of luck this board does not seem to support it. Ill just have to buy some more memory.

  5. I have a gigabyte 89ofxa-ud5 motherboard and I bought two sticks of 4gig memory. On this motherboard I can't turn off dual channel. I can't find it in the bios. I tried changing the memory slots but that didn't help.


    Anyone know how to turn it off? Will games even use more then 4gigs?

  6. I am not rich so I just recently got the Nokia 5800. The price for the features rocked. But the GPS don't connect for me. :( I wanted the instinct REAL bad but it didn't have WIFI. =( The new google phone pricetag was too high for me.


    The WIFI works flawlessly and its really easy to connect to new hotspots.

  7. I cant get my truck to turn over. I researched and thought it might be the solenoid. So i replaced it and I am having the same problem.


    It clicks when I turn the key but the engine itself will not turn over. With out having to buy a bunch of line testers do any of you have any ideas? I also have a brand new starter but wanted to avoid the hassle of putting one in.


    PS I had to rig the solenoid to get it to fit. But it looked like it should work out ok. The starter is a pain to install in that truck.

  8. A lot of window tweak programs have a setting to force shutdown programs if they do not close fast enough on shutdown. That is probably your problem so shut it down manually like was suggested.


    I was under the impression when [email protected] was improperly shut down some of the optimizations will not be used on the next run. What I always did when it did that is shut down [email protected] then restart it when I got that message so I would get the optimizations.


    But I don't know if their is much of a difference anymore.

  9. Water cooling wouldn't help with AC costs since the heat is still put into your home. I don't know too much about water cooling overall but I heard it don't do much better than air unless you get a decent one.




    I know once I started back up my room is WAY more hot. I have to keep my bedroom door open now.

  10. I bought the Visiontek 4850 at best buy and the clocks won't change at all for anything. I am currently using Vista. It runs at the stock speed of 625/993. I have tried visionteks drivers as well as ATI's newest.


    First of all the card does not downclock when not in 3d mode. Ati overdrive auto tune starts but never does anything. Amd gpu clock tool gives me a error "setlock failed! please check device config. Rivatuner won't change them. Atitool don't work at all. Won't even read my card.


    On top of this I read about all these temp problems but I can't get this card over 43 degrees. The temp may be so low because I only have a amd64 3000. So the card could very well be laughing at my puny CPU.



    Any ideas?



  11. How would the filter even work? People would just change words. like pr0n..lol ...Plus they dont have the technology to filter images very well. Although they are very close thanks to Google. Even when they can they would need some hella servers to scan all of them that go threw.


    "In a filing with the FCC, T-Mobile said that its own testing has shown that allocating the AWS-3 spectrum as Martin proposed would interfere with its own licenses in the neighboring AWS-1 band. The carrier recommended that AWS-3 licenses be limited to downlink transmissions, which would create a one-way network where users could download, but not upload, data."


    Isn't this what people have been saying all along? A ONE WAY internet. I love how they lie to get their way.

  12. I knew a guy who used to work for UPS. He said they would stand behind the truck and just throw the packages in. He said that sometimes you would hear something break inside and they would just laugh.


    I have gotten a lot of packages that were completely trashed from UPS. But luckily the contents inside were fine. If you see all that damage to the outside of the packages you would have to assume they are just tossing them around and bouncing them off the back of the truck just like they used to before.

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